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Com to try it for only nine ninety five Tigers twenty five fifteen minutes eighteen seconds to play in the second half labor basketball is brought to you by the jokes about a group with over fourteen dealerships in the tri state it's just about a group with the perfect automotive company to assist you with your next vehicle lease or purchase it just about her past your neighbors they bought from us Charleston classic with TD arena in Charleston South Carolina this building holds about five thousand five hundred fans want to capacity nice brown here for the musketeers I guess around maybe thirty five hundred and a considerable number number or is it your fans are bought and front of us and behind us in on the side still I'd say it's about ninety percent Xavier fans they were nation as always is this travel strong here and great representation of the fans out here was a good friend of yours of former coach Bob stack in attendance I was really special he's here scouting for of the Miami Heat he Dennis make considerable time with Byron your friends yes the joyful to watch a nice to talk to coach Bob stack cross the time accounts with the basketball give it the touch of the firm turns and faces part of that we give it back to give some high on the left point thirteen of the shot clock being held by mortgage check to the ball game Bob takes a belt of the baseline Marshall one of these push it off Bob's is the base money flows of an airport that was tremendous difference by marshals April transition out what's on the line Marshall was set up takes to the free throw line keep the gravel lot looking for Carter nothing materializes April set up their halfcourt offense one of the shot clock back out to quit good straight away between the circles of the right point the card back to work not by good the pump fake inside get back out the card left side of the Florida Marshall three is all the way in and out real good rebound taken high fives for the Tigers found brings it across the time lines a really good thirty eight twenty five fourteen seventy to go in the low post to Sanders a cutter and a layup attempt is distance side by Timberlake Timberlake bass to the low post cut by the baseline of all came right back to if he was under intense pressures you try to distort missed everything good now straight away near the center jump circle passes it to the right side of the wall beyond the three point arc to Joan McCarter the low point right point two more holes above his head in the low post to Jones he faces fakes a shot now it puts a lot of war turns baseline double team kicks it out and has it taken away in transition Townson EE doc that it was a it's a it's patrolled back the Sanders the ball was knocked loose Bob driving on the baseline and we gonna Georgie and that is in a credible defense of play by more talking about moving your feet at in the league at least level Bryce more with.

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