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Mcculloch radio show but folks this is this is a dark day in america i think that the press has gone just so crazy that i i wanted to talk about it with somebody who understood what i was talking about and that's kevin mcculloch kevin even this the russia thing i imf i e it's a little scary too little like the o j case where you i had to people seeing completely different things that the blacks in america seemed to cheer when he was acquitted whites thought what how can we have this kind of divide well we have this kind of divide because ninety three percent of the news coverage since trump has been in office has been hostile to him regardless of facts so what's what's amazing is is that you don't have um a greater percentage of the american public that actually agree with it uh the you know if you look at trump's approval ratings in what he's doing he's still in the mid to upper 40s on most days and this is a this is a president who followed eight years of almost sterling coverage of the white house has had nary a day go by were people haven't written really horrific things and as we're finding out which was the case with the uh this this most recent thing that uh the you know the the back channel supposed of a jared kushner controversy may uh that the washington post his printed in a row that turns out to be more or less not true win win your news coverage is basically being made up of people that don't want to give their name that don't wanna be on the record that are saying that they're looking at secret documents that came from some file and they're reading them over the phone phoned some hack in a press office at one of these papers the poster the times you you you're saying washington post by the way in the new york times you're sitting there going out well whewhen did we when did win with when did edward r murrow devolve into that when did walter cronkite become that what what happened the double confirmation of stories what happened to quotes that were on the record he didn't use.

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