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Of the victory in the breeders cup classic he will go to the post is a heavy favorite in the sixteen million dollar pegasus world cup and that will be gunrunners final career start now we told you at the top of the show that gunrunner was recently crowned horse of the year he was also champion older male he beat aero gate two hundred forty seven two three that was the number of votes coming in for older dirt male he defeated aero gate two hundred in forty eight two two for horse of the year how 'bout that new members don't really stack up a either way that's what they call going out behind the which you right it was i it's a little surprising he wasn't unanimous but in a i'm a big arrogate fan so you know i could see where somebody that was bigger fan as i am the doesn't look at the voting dispassionately like i do uh but uh anyway it's a it's great to have him around to see him it was cool walking around uh the backside the yesterday in in the seen him in uh his his pegasus saddle towel and all that stuff you know to you feel like you're you're a in a in a moment of of history in you appreciate the greatness of of the horse in his town yeah he's a really cool horse in the racing world and his can actions will indeed say goodbye to gunrunner after today's pegasus world cup will be standing at three chimneys farm which is in kentucky and no doubt his book will be full very very quickly yeah sure of all right at full they're just they're just waiting for him to show up and i i happen to see chris baker whose one one of the big cheeses over at uh at three chimneys chris and i go back to uh sanity the days when he worked richard mandella in and uh i i know they're they're really looking forward to having him at the farm and he's going to be a he's going to be a horse that has a lot of following in a lot of visitors you know a lot like american pharaoh does i think he's he's he's got a lot of a lot of friends while the pegasus world cup is our feature race at the afternoon in our road to the.

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