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I'm hosting audio producer of the arrowhead pride podcast network. Stephen sorta tease her back on the practice field wednesday and heard from head coach. Andy reid quarterback. Patrick mahomes as well as defensive. Tackle jarran reed and wide receiver byron pringle. We'll go in that order. Starting with andy. Reid quarterback patrick mahomes. Then we'll take a quick time out and you'll hear from defensive tackle chair and read and wide receiver byron pringle. Here's an read. We've got a couple of things of clyde As a little bit of sickness These guys are growing practices. it can here blake bells. Ankle was a slight ankles prime. But he's going to do some stuff here which is also gonna do a little bit of a surgery for these deals that he had in here that minor surgery and we're just lied to heal up there but he's going to go out and do some stuff. Chris jones hers wrist. Naughty the hip flexor strain. All these guys are gonna give you give you something out there. They go through and work. Look for the challenge. Plan the chargers. They got a good guy good football team obviously and they made some changes over the coaching staff. And also we're bringing in players and and so Chance look at them on film and they're doing a great job of playing well. Sort of preparation Today get ourselves ready to go her today. No all those guys are gonna. Yeah yeah yeah as of right. Now i mean. That's the kitchen with has not just a little fatty fatty tissue. It's asking you brought attack. How hard work on that very disease. I'm just curious. Those kind of fundamental things are with practice. I listen. I have changed since i've been in a league saying no we're just we've got to work you know. We got a little better job with our angles and and Wrapping up is also things we get that taken care of things we need to get done we can we. You saw the second half got better so we've got to first half and as we go the last couple years have been i you know. I said it was cova the year before but We had more. We had some are restrictions this year so it was a game of blocking dive on. If you don't brexit enough than you know you have some messes and then we don't have. Yeah you don't have as much time. I'm not that's what it is. Oh so complain about it. I mean that's just reality game. If you do a short term native reserve. I mean his recovery process in european. How optimistic argue. That could probably return to the lineup. Yeah so he's He's done a nice job with it. Very diligent with it. He's getting there. I mean he's getting he's getting close so we'll just literally day by day as we go here especially down the stretch of this. So we'll see how he does here as it goes for. But he's doing shabat a mayor yesterday. Yeah monday now. Listen i mean it was like an in and out deal. It's not don't don't take it wrong. It wasn't this. Yeah charters. They've before you the quarterback you get fresh out of the gate last year when he knows and flake. So i'm late last year. You guys weren't playing your real team. What sort of progression. You see him make in their do coach. How much different today look. now under. Under new coach in his advancement has played. Yeah he I think he looks tremendous. He's done a nice job. So i did a nice job against us just stepping in and he's grown since then so He's good football players. Grateful the league. Greg competition for us missing from the defensive you within the so far. Yeah i mean well. He's a good player. I mean that's a tough question because the guys are playing are good players. He's a good player. And so the more you have in there the better chance. You have been better right so i would say I would leave it at that shark. Apparently not telling you that the other guys. Aren't you take two different ways now. And that's not where. I'm at obviously from what happened to improve. Did you see from of that. I will you went back and walk on film. and just cleveland. they improved. Think that baltimore friends. Good front. I thought they did a pretty nice job with that. So we've got. We've got some room to improve We gotta take care of some business in the run part of it and But the best protection. I thought they did. Nice job of protecting patrick You know for the most part and for young guys. I mean they. They throw some stuff at the handled point. Go back the first thing you see some of the real aggressive traits with violence when they when they pass like i mean what would you say to their moral type was yeah yeah well. It's important. i mean he. He's an aggressive kid and when he plays and we just got to keep building the other parts of it along with it and he will. I mean he's wired that way so is he's got a chance to pick a football player down the road here. What is sorenson. He's kind of guy hot so much work. Still the art fund that so i think both are good players and Both have their their space to play. And and you know spags works man. The way he sees fed on it down obviously. He's got his qualities and and got his quality so which use their strengths. Best weekend throwing games back in the next this year tapie val feel like he picked up right where we left off. Now he's playing. He's playing real football right now. Yeah he's a heck player. Smart makes her calls. Good good player can cover gag casino. I the claims i frank. Yeah yeah yeah. I actually did a decent job in there so especially not played say. He held onto a couple of good things. He'll he'll get better here. More he plays some gets went down and everything be better off cycle. Things are forced. You try to run the ball As as the progressives kind of problems if you see that yeah so what. We've got a couple of teams and their opportunities to throw it to a couple of yards on the ball and so if that was the intention bad didn't get done but on the other hand we gotta do better job around the ball so we gotta get him. Take care of business there. Is there something specific with harvey spread out more as they were putting simply targets targets are spread out the way they look demarcus down..

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