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7100 Big one Joe Borough Does he play for him from Day one, and I said Just a few minutes ago. Play the man, pay the man and play the man. Let's go to the phone standing by his al al, You're on the air and you go right ahead. So you don't get all is good. Now the clouds are lifting. I think things are going to be okay. I saw a guy with a boat looking for two of everything, but I think those I think we're okay now. I think it's really great fuel in it. What bothers me the most is about Zach Taylor, the head coach of Ingles. Is your back is going to Pete for storing job. Uh, he's not competing. He's got that job if he's if he's competing against Ryan Finley and Jake Doe, Lingala and the guy that signed the other way that That dude, Brandon Allen, then they're in trouble. We're really in truly a statement by Zach Taylor would Well, maybe not to do that to maintain a level of competitiveness. I I don't know. I gotta run out. We're up against the clock. It's time for the news. If you're online, hang online because I will get to you before I'm done here at eight o'clock. I I absolutely guarantee you should Joe Burrow play from Game one this season, or do you want to see him sit out into a Carson Palmer would Palmer did in 2003? I see scrap that play the man. You paid the man play the man. What say you? 749 7000 On.

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