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Miller lite is the great tasting light beer with only ninety six calories and three point, two grams of carbs that's fewer than half the calories and half the carbs of Bud Light. So there's really nothing more to talk about if you want cool cold, refreshing beer in these waning days. Go with Miller lite. Miller lite. Hold true. Now back to my conversation with Ethan Hawke. You haven't directed actors on a movie set in a long time, not since your first film and you've made a lot of films since then and you've done a lot. I assume you've grown a lot as a performer, and I'm wondering if you felt a significant difference making this movie to that movie. Wow, I did. And you know, forty seven when I directed before there was a little Afon Terry quality before were, you know, I'm directing Kris, Kristofferson house, twenty nine. You know, on Chelsea walls and directing, Vanessa, Vanessa, Natasha, Richardson's, Vanessa, Redgrave daughter, Natasha Richardson was directing Chris. In the tasha in, I felt like a punk kid, you know, and I was running this set and I felt like I deserved to do it. It wasn't insecure about whether I deserve to do it, and you know, link letter used. To say this thing that experiences, something that can't be faked. You know, in that without experience, you don't really have confidence. You can play it confidence where you can trick your brain into feeling confident, but it was a wonderful. I have directed well and badly already. I have known. I've been directed well, and I've been directed badly. I know that making a movie is sacred and beautiful opportunity. And I also know that it's just making a movie where their bad experiences that you've had that you've thought I don't want to be this kind of director. I don't wanna be the person who does this. One of my favorite things that ever happened to me was my daughter was about, I don't know, eleven and I asked her our trip went with. She liked person that was on a trip there and she said, I liked him fine. But daddy, you wouldn't like him at all. Oh, why not? Because he was really rude to waiters. And that made me feel really good that she knew that I wouldn't like that person because I probably wouldn't in the directors, I don't like are the ones that try to have power over other people in see their position as an opportunity to control in one of the things that I've learned, it's amazing thing when you can use directing to empower and you work really hard and you control what you would needs to be controlled in service of their art. You knew what it felt like for Benecke to win best actor at Sundance. I assisted to take it there and he went down the rabbit hole and it was scary..

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