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Terms. The bomb truck that has one to arrange it Rodman's neck where FBI special agent bomb technicians will work with our people on how to get it to the next stop which the FBI lab. So all of this evidence can be examined together. One law enforcement official says those pipe bombs that were sent to several prominent Democrats and CNN were packed with powder and shards of glass. Tesla Motors delivered on CEO. Elon Musk's promised to make money during its latest quarter after fulfilling his pledge to boost production of its first electric car designed for the mass market the company earned three hundred and eleven point five million during the three months ending in September swinging from a loss of six hundred nineteen million. At the same time last year. It's only the third time that Tesla's posted a quarterly profit in its eight year history as a public company ExxonMobil's calling New York's lawsuit against the Texas energy, giant, baseless and meritless New York. Attorney general Barbara Underwood says Exxon Mobil misled investors about the risks that climate change pose to its operations, and she says Exxon quarter investors such as the state's public pension funds with inaccurate information. Lottery officials spent Wednesday morning preparing a convenience store in rural Simpson. Bell South Carolina for an onslaught of attention is after revealing that the winning mega millions ticket worth more than one and a half billion with sold their state lottery officials held a news conference at the Casey Mark to celebrate the lucky sale South Carolina lottery director Tony Cooper, had some advice for the ticket winner as well. It is a beautiful day and a very lucky day. We don't know at this point. Whether it's one person or group person or anything about the deputy of the player, but we do know where the winning ticket was sold. Winning ticket was so here. K mart number seven. Yes. This star will receive fifty thousand dollars the selling the winning ticket..

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