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Police say was behind the wheel took off, Sheriff Sergeant Tim Myers says that only made things worse. You're involved in any collision, whether it's minor property damage or harm to another person. Stop. Wait. Let detectives come and interview you. And even if you're at fault, there may not be that criminal element there because we certainly acknowledge accidents happen. The team's first court appearance was this afternoon new development in the case involving the police officers charged with killing many Ellis. Almost Charlie Harder tells us it involves evidence. We're just now learning about that issue is a cell phone found at the scene. The State Patrol announced. Investigators will now put it under a forensic investigation. Ellis died in March of 2020 after a confrontation with Tacoma. Police. Prosecutors and the Ellis family say what officers did was excessive and illegal to TPD. Officers are charged with murder, another charged with manslaughter. The officers all pleaded not guilty. The three are out on bail as the trial approaches. Charlie Harder come O Neill's Nearly two years after deadly drive by shooting along Highway five. Oh 93 people have been charged with homicide in the first degree. James Richardson was shot and killed while driving south on the highway and Burian in December of 2019. The passenger in Richardson's car was not hurt. Seattle City Council member Chama Sarwan's campaign is responding to the recall effort. Now that petitions have been turned in more from GMOs. Jeff Padula petitions are now being verified by King County elections, and the vote is expected to happen sometime this winter. So once campaign manager Emily MacArthur says a special election with lower turnout is exactly what their opponents wanted. They are afraid of the 90,000 registered voters in District three. Have turned out big and elected. Mr Want three times. But so once critics say, this should be about so wants actions. Henry Bridger. The second campaign has been supported by voters across District Three who have watched swamp willingly ignore the rules that hold our elected officials accountable. The state Supreme Court found three charges against Sawant were enough to warrant a recall election. Jeff Pooja Lachemann use several building sites in our area could shut down unless union carpenters vote to approve a new contract. Offer includes a raise of more than 20% over four years, increased benefit contributions and expanded parking reimbursement. Evelyn Shapiro with the Northwest Carpenter's Union says many on the bargaining team think it's a great contract Members democratically choose that It's not. Then we'll go on strike and we'll stand in unity together on that contracts prohibit strikes at the convention center and Climate pledge Arena. Associated General Contractors of Washington says it can't comment on ongoing negotiations. Millions of dollars will go to local community groups in an effort to help them stay in areas. Where gentrification and rising costs are pushing them out. Cuomo's Ryan Harris has more Battles Equity development initiative is awarding nearly $10 million to a long list of groups working to preserve their community spaces. One of them is nurturing roots farm in the Beacon Hill neighborhood where founder Naima Clark teaches people to grow food in an urban setting something she says, provides both education and a connection to the community. Clark says back when Snowmageddon cut the neighborhood off from food deliveries that showed the need for some self sufficiency. So when we're talking about the impacts of environment we're talking about emergencies. How will we be able to benefit and successfully commit to our community? But we also will be able to show a face and show a name when it comes to being able to be pillars in our community. In addition to preserving cultural and community spaces, some of the groups will use the money for more affordable housing to keep people in those neighborhoods. Ryan Harris Co. Mo News. The second nest of so called Asian giant murder. Hornets has been located near the Canadian border. We're told eradication of the nest will happen in the next few days. Common. His time is 10 10 and from the Beacon Plumbing sports desk wall tonight, the Mariners beat the Diamondbacks said. T Mobile Park 5 to 4 almost Bill Swart says the storm might start the playoffs without Stewie. That would be all star forward Brianna Stewart, who suffered a foot injury in Tuesday night's win storm, trainers, and doctors have advised her to sit out the last two regular season games, and they'll reevaluate Stewie when the W N B a playoffs begin. Seattle Seahawks with a clean injury report as they had to Indiana and Sunday season opening football game with the Colts, and he brought in veteran quarterback Carson Wentz, who will have several dynamic receivers and backs as targets. Their physical um you know, obviously, you know, great playmakers. They all can make plays on the ball. Um they can run all the routes and we just have to, you know, go out there and compete. We got to compete at a high level We got to execute at a high level. Seattle safety The prez Jamal Adams Washington Huskies missing several top pass catchers tomorrow night because of injuries when they take on Michigan in the Big House, come OTV four coverage at five P.M.. Washington State is a big favorite in the police against Portland State. Jaden Dolora takes over the coop, starting quarterback job and the international Soccer break is all over. The Seattle Sounders are at Lumen Field two o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Taking on the loons of Minnesota United FC Sports at 10 and 40 after the hour, Bill Schwartz come on news. American National.

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