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I respect them putting on a committing to film for all of us to watch but i don't think it worked for me but i worked for a lot of people so fucked me. You know it's okay liked it. Yeah yeah that's what. I thought i'm burnham fan too you know Both michael and i had a hand in helping to put out the wisecracked video that we released on bo burnham a couple years ago and i watched all burnham stuff and i had known who he was but it wasn't until i started to do deep dive that i really started to respect. Okay i get with this. Young dude is doing. there's also a sense in which i was looking at it. I'm like this guy's quite young and it is quite refreshing to see this young. He was twenty five when he released happy. So you know. He's what twenty three twenty two when he's doing like words you know the other ones and it's like god so so i thought there was something interesting to see his growth as an artist right so i had a lot of expectation that this was going to jump off from where make happy left us. Which i thought was a really lovely ending when he does like that conway at the end at the very end he says you know. I hope you're happy. And he walks off the stage. And i felt like okay. This is a this is a young man. With some interesting pressures of celebrity of being a front facing person feeling like some imposter syndrome cetera et cetera et cetera. And i'm like okay. I can relate to that. I'm a middle class white yuppie boy to you know and trying to create content and trying to reach people and connect with people at some level. So it's like i got. I got a lot of that. And so i was really hoping that this would be like the next step forward right and the first time the first time i watched it it actually was a little slow it. It took me a while to get into it. I'd say the first ten or fifteen minutes. I was kind of like okay. Like okay like it's clever. I see his thing but it didn't quite have the same energy and maybe it's because it was just a different format and it took me a minute to get into it. And then i started to really get into it and it was by the time the sex thing song. The sexting segment came on that. I really started to get into it and i was kind of like okay and then i was along for the ride and i think i think it's clever. I think it's witty. It's got all the kind of self awareness and stuff that we are accustomed to expecting from burnham. I thought that there were some clever funny quips. I actually really like the sock puppet. Because so one of one of burnham's biggest comedy influences. Is this absurdist next on win. Who just has like this black sock. Puppet that will like just eat a mars bar on stage for like five minutes..

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