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Creating zero chances or them giving up all the goals. Like, it's there he was asked to do everything, and is continually asked to do everything, and the fact that he sometimes brushes up close to that just kind of delude people into thinking that he should be able to do things like, you know, be superman all the time. Now again, like in the as is with the I mean, the dust up between him Marino in our early. And he he was acting like a dickhead. But so as Marito, and there are things that you can nitpick certain things about his conduct over the season or whatever. But the fact still remains that he's still the teams best player and the most valuable player. Even if he did play like shit down the down the stretch he'll get along with sedan though. Right. Ryan. Oh, he's gonna look so good wife. Fuck fucking. But also, I mean, I don't know, man. This is like beaten the enthusiasm out of me this way. Ryan has a question. I have a question. So I I think that the way they've handled this little shyer thing Alaria Huawei's, especially seeing like, you know, Eric can Haagen IOC sort of become a coaching cross back, then, you know, see Paci no sort of reach another sort of level of greatness. But since OJ took over I know that it ended terribly United have the third most points of merely since he took over I know what the United, and it's kind of they're supposed to, you know, have the most points considering how much money they have. But I do think it in overblown little bit about because they've been so bad recently. They've actually, you know on the whole. You know, if they played the way they played under OGSM whole season. They would have been in the top four. No. So that's not a question. I guess that's just me. Getting fact. Yeah. But you know, he did start his tenure against a string of bad teams. So and win. This is true. We all knew that the schedule was gonna get tough near the end of March April. Those are the games that if you wanna be a top for team you have to win or at least get points from and that's where he failed and then the wheels just fell off in the last couple of couple of weeks. So Mike Pompeo's was your MVP who's your L VP? Ashley. Ashley, Ashley young. There's just so many. There's so many people to choose from like there's like. Outside of just hate Ashley young, Dan. I like, no. But I mean, it's a bird shouldn't a guy. Like, it's all it is. It is very it's not always actually, but it is frequently Ashley young like, he's just. I like he is a good third option at it for like a wingback at this stage in his career. He's not good enough to be starting for United like consistently and play play meaningful minutes. Let's kind of like the long short of it. That's fair. That's fair. Okay. So we talked about a lot. I guess I'll just ask you. Yes. Or no, do you have the right manager? I don't think I still am gonna fall back on my thing that like the right manager is not a salient or pertinent question for United at the stage. Because I mean like are you manager technical director thing is the technical director? But also like the like the team has cobbled together from three pass managers ideas. Like, so like, no manager is winning with the team as it's currently constructed. I mean, every new manager has that same dilemma though. Yeah. But they should hire Rio Ferdinand. It'd be technical director. I think that they should stop. I think like, okay. I'm I'm put it to you like this United needs to give up on style. Like, we are being you're running the club like the Lakers right now. And I really don't like appreciate it. Like, I.

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