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Used to it. And it just comes out gets picked up the garden and used in a cop within literally. Sometimes it's fresh and lumps destroyed under joy load to cover it with not quite boiling hot water. Leave your and sometimes I'll wait to this cold on the largest ring and once the holds a deep cover on the COP. No should I do that. Yes Oh my gosh okay. Okay Tuesday because the strength of any our masic oil you know obviously escape say. It's very potent anywhere. Ah Yes see nights thing about it but if you can just even if it's a little suicide moments up in the most hollow else will escape the steam but they sort of found suffering so it's you feel kind of very thrifty in very pleased myself villages because I go in this market and I look at the prices of these herbal tea by. I'm thinking bloody hell. I wouldn't pay four quit for that and I think I don't mean to buy a reason why I would ever buy any of these because I'm and I'm not saying the amazing her God at all I have. Fortunately I helped run a community hub. God's ending I don't have is usually in that again. You don't need a lot of different things but actually it's an amazing source. Why would I spend money on those bags absolutely included? I realized I had I was with someone the other day and they said Oh I've I was just pulled out my stage plan and chocolate because it's just it was too big it was to processing might be used at the table allows when why could we tell you that he played just devastated. And that's the thing because people people think sage will I use it with a pool sometime and it's great. It's great food. Digesting fats is wonderful but again. That's this whole. Yeah skype Fred and say well I tried to do with the cooking in its is to try and bring the together looking at historical cookery. Books switch are actually based on the very fast hubbell's but wherever you look at the very first cookery books they all hate the herbals. Some by people died righties and things like that right right so that was sort of the wasn't such a break. Everything food as medicine medicine as it was literally. Yeah that's so that's this is such a major message isn't it. I mean that's you could you could. We could go about that for a whole whole day where I think it's it's also. There's this crossover between between indoors and outdoors and loss of listeners. Adjoined to grow things like lavender and Rosemary indoors and I'm always kind of negative about about that like he's not going to work. It's going to die but I didn't know what you'll take on that whether it's kind of like well you can bring those things in for beer and enjoy them but ultimately they are happier outside. I am kind of with you on that thing. Even if he goes window ledge can sit them on outside than inside Ed Hardy to our climate and they do better outside and I think when you grow hard if you can even if it's a sort of the that's supposed supposed to be Graham quite big bastrop seen I really one talking about Asu Sephardi perennial woody type year. If you think about how much you're using. I use a lot of the growing them. In tiny little parts inside is not going to work. I'm very lucky because I've got a tiny flat reef reef outside so I can put things on absolute mass at the moment as the time of year when everything just as looks horrendous. But but it's one of those Internet Allegri lands. He was on the panel plot. How stressful we talked about? Because she's a she's an organic gotTa Feed Garage Garden in Suffolk. And we've talked quite a lot of just going to have to call. I Bob Symbol. Yes another call which has been a really no but it hasn't been up to know what suddenly just make. Maybe yeah again I have. I have a cold that lasts about day and then I'll say this age H.. Kicks in and it seems to be particularly bad this winter. And if it's because it's because he's been so wet but normally don't get many. Colds is probably actually more more tired. This winter will have been in previous. Hey we adly earning systems having to find out what it is but anyway mode boating voting. Sorry that's frustrating. Particularly cough to agree Leah. We've talked quite a bit about. Can we ups inside right and you know. There's a lot of decide for Mike Crops and things like that but even then and we went to Work Anna when she was a psycho farmhouse. And that's what I see how it goes. No I felt like if I want to be in the kitchen I need tonight car thing which I think I have a plan lab at the heat in the future. All these acts will be trained partly in the kitchen and partly in the garden because I think it was stuff wastage actually if people understand the amount of there's this false wobble isn't there between food and gardening ee in journalism very much so we always really case against in when I was working guardian but again it's just really really prevalent. But why go if you actually a chef if you understand how to gross stuff then it really opens up your horizons in terms of literally from flavors to how we cook with that because something that's going for is going to taste something completely different from just typing it from any sort of supply of UC. We're seeing a lot of everything seasonal wealth for those who do the ones the chefs that have really been chomping on for a long time and not dot hospital two three down. But it's it's for me it's just a kind of it's a no brainer. Also because when you walk in the garden and the skills a quite similar year doing doing very similar things a lot of it can be quite repetitive intensive you might be chopping or you might be planting seeds in a production kitchen garden as well as AH. It's hard work. It's hard work and if there's an understanding of how much is taken to grow that you're not going to be just just throw anything away. Yeah so it's interesting. I worked for few days. I was very lucky. See Guessing Experience River cafe. imes uh-huh how that was set up by Rice was kind of phenomenal anyway. Just from so many different points of view you know. They've never had less than fifty women in the kitchen. Itching and I think my first day there I think it was like eighty percent on i. I got sold off because I was snapping asparagus and he was like I know there's there's an actual break but you can actually break. Anyone who snapped as far seems Zombie ends. Nothing goes to waste nothing and it's the same. I trained about him alone island and it's on one hundred Acre farm and in the kitchen. You have these buckets everywhere. Loads of hands. These are the best at attends new so that providing us with food delicious cook with every day on. We're giving them any food. But even the peelings go. Oh into making Johnson Chinese and other things like literally nothing goes to waste and boy if you get caught trying to throw anything. I feel like this whole I think is true of House. Plants is true of gardening cooking. That there's this whole kind of amazing amazing universe of knowledge that our ancestors had I'm not talking about way back at even just our grandparents. The somehow is kind of being some. Some people are carrying that on this whole sort of fount of information. They lost fifty years clinic. We've kind of lost lots of people people of lost and the I sometimes when I'm talking to people I kind of feel freak. The I know how to these Amtrak saying. Hey I know how to pick wolfing. I feel like I wished that everyone music and I feel like a bit of initiate Angeles going. You need to let me go. Well you need to learn how to propagate house explodes because it just feels like comey pokemon. This going on people come like life to know how to do this stuff. That's why again my husband loves it me because I'm kind of I'm always like feeding Lakhani to improve myself and get more skills But I think that's like because I think they're gonNA come in useful at.

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