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I get up into helena and i can act with the family and i made a big deal out of we've gotta stop and fill up the truck because they they met me at the airport my motherinlaw has this old truck so we're all piled into that and having a nice driving we gotta stop and get gas i mean it's going to be we get out to lincoln which is linked lincoln's an old logging town halfway between helena and missoula it's it's year round populations like eight hundred people okay like i was kinda shocked it had a gas station the only thing lincoln montana is famous for besides lumber is the lincoln post office is where ted kaczynski the unabomber sent his packages from oh nice it's that kind of deep so all we gotta stop gotta get gas we gotta guess my motherinlaw says no we don't we're fine fine it's okay it's okay it's it's a couple of cents more a gallon it's okay and i realized when i got to lincoln montana an hour and a half from anything resembling a town like anything i grew up in as far out in the country as we think of like china peak felt like it felt like i was at the northern most edge of the universe and gas was two dollars a gallon less than what it is here in california i love the community of shaver lake man drive up there and look at the gas prices up there look at them in relation to what's going on here in the valley it's just a few cents more gallon it's five bucks a gallon lincoln like it was like two dollars and thirty cents i was thinking about pouring gas into my suitcase and bringing it home it's been this way and it's not getting through to young people because it's the boiling frog problem if you increase the temperature slowly gradually the.

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