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At the everybody you get to a certain age and then we want to know it's like we're trying to force guys into retirement like radi the already goes wise everybody want me to retire drew brees aligning yourself from like do like drew said if you ask me three years ago i told you f5 yeah yeah i feel the same way how many years he think you how many years do you wanna have left as an interesting question um i don't i don't i don't really know i really don't know i mean i still enjoy it is fun i i love being aroma teammates is such missing the playoffs but how's it how are you going to no no carson told me that you just you just know when it when his time in mestre that's what he told me and has a lot of guys are told me that as they got nowhere and you just you got to know the game will game tells you give it one hundred nine catches this season but then you'll know you'll know what it feels like on monday after that though it's what's it feel if he does it prompted this up at dawn on you i been and there and they took it off for you in that spot where he threw a lengthier the don't do that no no no no say what about i enjoy coming on your show you know what about thursday night the difference between friday morning after plane on thursday night or monday morning after sending some put it this way i don't i don't even practice any more until thursday and do a light day on thursday so uh i don't really isn't start filling good until friday usually so plan on thursday it's is really pushing its is is tough and on and especially teams who have guys who are already nicked up from the sunday before puts you had a tremendous disadvantage in if you have to go on the road and travel on thursday de lose another day you now so it's it's very difficult you need a quarterback are you little no not anymore alka no i by and i was going to go to cleveland.

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