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I made this covenant supernatural I said to the almighty here, here's the deal. If you reveal yourself to me in a way that I know it's you and it's better than that. You'll have a pit bull on the front lines. Trust me. And he kept his end of the deal. And I was never a moment. That clicked there is just. Some prophetic experiences. I've had just it only could have been him, you know, and and not everybody's down for that. You know? Some people just want it once a week on Sunday and this, but I'm not built like that. Yeah. I'm kind of an all or nothing. Go all the way or nothing at all. And. Waves of of experience. I could tell you about that. Even this film was difficult because adalina talk like an Australian, right? Good to see you Glenn. I know you have to go through my process as an actor and create the character and find the. And there was and we were on location in India. So there was it was difficult, but God told me to do the movie. So regardless of all that regardless of Han. You'll appreciate this. When I say things you've struggled to do your thing as you felt your heart lead, you correct? And why do you think I asked for the one chair stock? I told Larry coming. God bless these guys. I love that merger. And I think that's going to get blessed. Ninety two that's super cool. I do too. I do too. It's good to have you here. Thanks, man. Okay. So the movie is happening on January thirty first February first February the theatrical release in seven hundred screens the night before you can get your sneak peek on fathom. Yeah. Fathom Avanzi you can find out if it's playing a fathom event near you. You can also find out more about the movie, the least of these dot movie, the least of these dot movie, and you can follow Stephen Baldwin at Stephen Baldwin seven. Thank you, Steven. Put you.

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