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Experience in the business and next week I'm probably going to need lead one up there that I know can't be beat. And he's going to get destroyed. So why? Why does this happen? They humble us on a regular basis and it's a challenge and fun always trying to be a better horseman and not be subject to that defeat that we didn't think was coming. I want to talk a little bit about your three appearances in The Kentucky Derby. Of course, exaggerator was the first one for you in 2016. You came back with sonata here in 2017 and then my boy Jack and 2018. So three years in a row. That in itself Keith is impressive, but just talk about each of those three experiences and what made each of them special. Very proud of that accomplishment and I wish people would think about that when you worry about wondering how a trainer got to where he is, not only did we go three years in a row, but we were in the Derby two years before qualified with that horse called I've struck a nerve. And also in 2019, we were on the also eligibles and would have got in if we chose to with a horse called swing yo. So that was 5 out of 6 years, we were in the Derby. It was a pretty cool and accomplishment and I'm very, very proud of that. But the answer to your question quickly on each horse you know about exaggerator son tier was an overachiever come from the clouds hard that got the points by running second and third in the Arkansas Derby in the rebel. He did another, he's owned by another awesome owner that is a result of Matt Bryant. Calumet form. What a great team. They have an awesome people to train for and they're great, great for the success of the game throughout the nation. Big supporter of racing and I want to be in the Derby every year for calumet. I wish I could I could accomplish that for them. They deserve it. Came from out of the clouds. He couldn't quite muster the mud racing and off the pace rates that day. But he did turn out to be a stakes winner after the Derby and ended up making four or 500,000. He was a great horse to have around. My boy Jack, man. I wish I could have done a better job of managing him, should have skipped the Lexington. When he ran third in the Louisiana Derby, he looked like a winner and kind of flattened out the last part. I blame that on Kent. He made a move from the three H fold to the quarter pole. He went 11 flat and it knocked his finish out in the Louisiana Derby. We were on the border. I can't think of the right word. Of not having enough points to get in the Derby. After the Louisiana Derby, so I chose to run him in the Lexington, of course he won the Leicester and he secured his spot in the Derby, but I think I had him a little tired for The Kentucky Derby. He also got stopped cold at the three inch poll. I want anybody who's interested in this kind of stuff. To watch my boy Jack. At the three 8th pole, someone came over on him and he almost went down. He stopped cold and re rallied for 5th at that point, I think he was second to last. And re rallied for 5th. What a harsh with a heart of gold and he was a $20,000 purchase that made 700,000 and another one that I'm very proud of. But bye boy Jack had a heart of gold. I probably raced him too hard early in his career. His ankles bothered him after the Derby. He never was quite the same horse, but he retired and is at one of the adoption homes in Kentucky and living out a good life. Visiting with trainer Keith the sormo on trainer talk presented by phasic tipton. Keith you mentioned how proud you are of those three consecutive Kentucky Derby appearances. When you get there three years in a row, and then you go a couple of years without getting back there. You said your competitive and you said you love to win, how much is that fueling you now as we start down this Kentucky Derby trail here in mid February, how much do you really want to get back to the top of that mountain again? Well, again, it reaffirms what I said about being humbled. I thought after that first Derby and the success and the following years, I'm like, clown hell, are they going to keep me out of this thing? From here on out. And I've been humbled. I've had some damn nice young stock excuse my French. Since 2018. And it just has not culminated with that level of success since then. And yes, it does humble you. It stresses you a bit. But it also feels the part. You want to get back to the dirt. It's the greatest harsh race in this country. And it's top one of the top races in the world. And we all know why. I don't need an elaborate and that direction. But yes, it feels the part..

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