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Of the bombs it's believed he bought the bomb making materials at home depot but the motive is a mystery as we do not understand what motivated him to do what he did and that will also be continuing investigation as we try to learn more about him and to understand why he took the actions they what's also unclear is whether he acted alone or whether any more bombs are out there we wanna make sure that the people see suspicious packages or bags on that contained to call nine one one report that to the police also we respond and doodles packages swat teams descended today on the austin suburb of pflueger ville they searched the bombers home evacuated residents in a five block radius and for more on the investigation and what police have learned we're joined again by site a hasson of austin's npr station k u t they just spoke to press a little while ago we were ending our report with what was happening at the home in pflueger will what more can you tell us well we know that thorndike's and federal investigators have been at the scene of the suspects home in fluker bill that neighborhood has been evacuated a certain section of it around the suspect's home folks were asked to leave as authorities removed what they referred to as homemade explosives from the home of the suspect and we know that these materials found at the suspect's home investigators say that they seem to match materials that have been used in the series of attacks across austin and the one outside of san antonio and so that's giving them some leads to go off of in this investigation would we know about the suspect's family or they're cooperating authorities have said that the suspect's family is cooperating we know that some relatives of the suspect did release a statement saying that they are in shock that they are grieving for the victims and the loved ones of those affected and we do know that thirties were at the home of the suspects parents earlier today as well what else do we know about the suspect i'm sure there's more reporting now that starting to paint them fuller picture of his life right we're beginning to learn a bit more about the suspect we do know.

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