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Get out bills mafia i know of one is seeing the m jumping through tables and all this other stuff on twitter they're obviously very passionate but it's a great stories you see them putting that towards the the fan ores excuse me the quarterback who got in the playoffs what does the google baltimore ravens safety who got completely beat on that touchdown does he have a charity that people can donate to as well then i would say he was it was certainly equally responsible for uh buffaloes playoff drip here i'm standing up positive here mary you're going negative but yes i want to encourage people to donate to charity been negative there yeah there you go that's that's fair enough i don't believe he has the charity that i know but he may be on an island somewhere a recovering recuperating that was those are probably the most shocking play of the year other than the the washington kansas city lateral play the other lateral plays they weren't even shocking anymore like i said last week jeff sherman called the philadelphia oakland won the the lateral touchdown that's not even surprising anymore the the touchdown in the run of play in baltimore was much more surprising yeah i won't forget that washing one anytime soon i will say that moving on to our final game potentially the best game of the weekend carolina at new orleans saints of course suffering that loss at the end of weeks seventeen to the bucks pushing them down to the four seed and carolina losing as well to the falcons putting the falcons in the playoffs and carolina being the five seen.

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