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I hate you with the rhinestone collar between us dogs. I just convinced my human of grade to a new home with the twelve hundred square foot bathroom. I think she called it a yard with Wells Fargo's three percent down payment on a fixed rate loan. My Uman realized new home was within reach learn more at wellsfargo dot com slash. Wells Fargo home mortgage down payments as low as three percent on a fixed rate loan require mortgage insurance. Ask a home mortgage consultant about loan requirements. Wells Fargo home mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank NA equal housing lender. MLS three thousand nine hundred one Trump and Pelosi back and forth. I'm Tim Maguire than AP news minute. President Trump wrote a letter to house speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying military aircraft would not be available for her overseas. Trip to Afghantistan and Belgium House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer small it's been dictated. It is unbecoming a president United States. But it is unfortunately, a daily occurrence the speaker and the president of Bennett odds over his demand for border wall funding and the partial government shutdown yesterday. She wrote him that maybe he shouldn't give the state of the union address scheduled for the twenty ninth until after the shutdown in House Republican leader. Kevin McCarthy says Pelosi shouldn't even have considered making the trip overseas with government shutdown with people missing their paychecks. And if we don't get this back open, they could miss their paycheck again by next week. So I think it's a pro. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says Trump's move was inappropriate Pelosi's letter was blatantly political. But one sophomoric response does not deserve another. I'm Tim Maguire. I'm Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans, America's premier home purchase lender. We've created a new way to protect you from unpredictable interest rates are exclusive rate shield approval. I we lock your interest rate for up to ninety days. Then if rates go up your rate stays locked. But if rates go down your rate drops either way you win. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com, racial approval. Only ballot on certain thirty year fixed rate loans, all for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states NMLS number thirty thirty additional conditions are exclusions may apply. Let's say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents. You proudly Milton lawn and skiff anybody noticed to mow the lawn. Tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again, good news is it's easy. Bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance. Which of course, we'll go right into the lawn. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discount not available in all states or situations.

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