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On Sunday with a high of 71. We stayed mostly sunny Monday Low 52 high 72 Right now we're at 67 degrees here on Peachtree Street. I'm Robyn Walensky 95.5 WSB Atlanta's news and talk Now Dave Baker and the home fix it show that's better. So you like my intro better you've been proved. The only thing that would be better is if I had a red carpet and I would just slowly roll it out for you. That's what you would like, You know, like when they do the Emmys, you know? I have one when I start to show their rocks and rolls out the red carpet and then standing there trying to interview you getting a sound bite. Just remember like the old Joan Rivers Act, Annie. That's right. Yeah, that's major, exactly for U C. A 10 30 home thinks it's showing 95.5 wsb Dave Baker here here till noon today, The phone lines are open at 404872. 07 50. I'm joined by Tony weeks from Finlay Roofing who was sitting on his back deck enjoying The weather, which has brought to you by Finlay Roofing for a free room in the house till later. Hello, Tony. Hey, Dave. I'm just trying to find more than one bar out here. That's really Hey means for his cell phone by the case, your kid, let's go. We're talking all kinds of roofing here. We got some calls on hold You ready to go to work? Well, good. That's done. Let's talk with Lloyd in Roswell. Lloyd. You're on the home fix it show Guys. Hey, Lloyd. I've got a roof that's about 13 years old and had architectural singles and the company that installed it. Suggested that I never have a clean because it was harder on the roof that it was, you know, just with the algae and mold grow on it. So here we are. This summer. It got so bad that I did have company come out and chemically clean it. And when they did the one section that's really bad, had lost a lot of Granules after it was clean. And and then above it. There's a section where a gutter drains onto that part of the roof. And where that where that water comes down. You can. You can actually see that a lot of the Granules were lost in that particular area. So I guess my question is, Did you mess up the road? At least I have to have that replaced. Um, is the downspout from the higher level slope? Is that going with the shingles or Uh, particular. Okay, So I see this a lot of houses the little elbows the drain on to a lower level slow. If they go sideways. That's going to lead 100% of the time. It just might be. Because there's no seal on the side of the singles, so that always gotta if you have those in your house isn't really for you, Lloyd. But there's a lot of people have the little elbow drains for particular to the intended flow. Of the slope. It will leak now. You need to have those singles replace. I don't know what cleaning process was used the cleaning process that the company that we refer to the past. They don't basement when they leave. You're Rufus still dirties then missed out the solution on the roof and they will pay And so you waited like three rain falls. On You lost a bunch of granite walls. Are you just now that the roof was clean? You could tell that you had grand you a law. Yeah, I know that. It's clean, Iike until I had granule loss, And when the water comes down, it is not perpendicular perpendicular to the shingles it in flowing with, okay? Yeah, I mean, typically depends on how bad the gradual loss is. What happens? Juice granule laws in and of itself in that moment is not bad. What? What is bad? Is the Granules are intended to protect that asphalt mat of the shingle. And within that ass ball, Matt are woven fiberglass strands. And so when you lose the grainy wolves, and now you have The black mat exposed to the sunlight. The sunlight will essentially burned through that matter the single and once you start seeing those white fibers exposed, that's when you have a real problem. So the Granules are there to protect that matter from that, you know, the You know the fiberglass together? Um yeah, See it to Seo. You should replace that or not. I mean, you are supposed to lose roughly 2% your Granules per year. Your first year, you can lose Come a lot the first year of the room, so it is natural blues. Trainable, but, um You know, without seeing it. I couldn't really give you great advice there. Um, you know, we haven't heard of that. I don't know if that's their L D. Led to an accelerated granule loss. Are you only saying it in that location? Yes. And in fact, the roof looks great everywhere except out that one area That's a bummer. So again. I don't know the process or the solution used. I actually haven't heard of that. Usually, I hear reports back. Okay. You know that worked pretty well. You're saying they didn't use any pressure whatsoever. Exactly what they used A surfactant was some chlorine in it. Yeah, I'm bummed it on. Yeah, I You know, I don't know what the right solution is versus the wrong one. Um But you know, I wouldn't necessarily freak out about that, unless it's just like almost no granny will love but that may be You know your weak link on that roof, so to speak, as far as you know, um You know, obviously have more Granules everywhere else, And you know those that area is going to be exposed to sunlight. I assume less sunlight because the algae growth in the first place and that might work in your favor a little bit, But I probably would be a little bit more just personally, I think that this is something you'll have to kind of You know, As far as your risk tolerance goes, how would be a little bit more reactive? To that Versace and okay, we got to replace all this and do all that. I mean, I would just kind of keep an eye on it, You know, maybe have your Rupert take a look at it every year or so, just to make sure. Um But you know, it may go a little quicker, but I don't think it's something that I would just tear out from a precautionary standpoint. Is this something he could have? Ah, free roof analysis from family roofing, Or is the roof not old enough yet, or Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you know what we don't like to do is what we don't do is say here's another Rupert, and we want you to come out and check their work. We don't do that. Because that we people want to, you know, get involved in litigation. All that we're trying to do that. But You know, 789 years and up. Um, I think it's a good time to start checking the roof. Maybe you're buying a home again. That's not one year old. Please is a good time to start checking the roof. We have 13 years and maybe he just wants a different opinion. Other than the room for that put his roof on. You know, we'd be glad to come out and you know in our guys like we talked about all the time. You know, we're not just trying to convert for your analysis and sold roofs. Opportunity. Why do we do it? Because we want to start building a relationship with people early build that trust early, so when they do need a roof, they are going to use us. That's why we do conflict lead generation. I guess you could say for us Lloyd Lloyd. Just go to roof roof dot com and right there at the top of the page, it says. Set up an appointment. It says, keeping your home and family safer. You can set your schedule for a free Rubin houses right there. Name phone number. Email. I'll set it up won't cost you a penny and you'll get a A bona fide inspection report of your roof. No obligation. No charge. No high pressure. Anything. They'll look at it. I think it's over 80% of the time they look at it and say your roof looks good. Thank you. They go about your business card. Off.

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