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Listen, I'm I'm that Don Korea lack Alexis that covered him and I watched him and I watch those charge your teams and and I think the on Korea was Hall of Fame worthy and he always get Up because people go well, look at playoff record during sex didn't get to a superhorse didn't change the game. You can't game and if we're gonna talk about that, we've got George Allen and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was two and seven in the playoffs. Yeah, they went to the Super Bowl. He lost it, but he changed the game. But that is a big issue in that room. And you were sitting there you'd be probably discouraged because it becomes a vigorous in many thanks. Great catching up with you. Check him out s i dot com. Talk of fame. Talk of Fame Network. Clark, Judge Great talking to you. Stay Well, okay. Always a pleasure can thank you. It's a lot of talk that the well it's Internet talk. It's not really talk among Anybody that I've heard of any great note, but its Internet talk that the Bangles on to pursue a guy who had the free agent market. This past Thursday, a guy by the name of Morgan Moses Morgan Moses. Hey, has started virtually every game since he got to Washington. And is a bargain He's making like I think $8 million a year and he hit the free agent market, and I think the only sin that this guy has committed is the sin of turning 30 years old. And Ron Rivera, the head coach in Washington, has been systematically purging his roster of anybody who was over 30 years old. He said What he arrived in Washington It was one of the oldest rosters in the NFL. I can't vouch for that. I didn't go back and see. But This is his quote. And so Moses was turned loose on Thursday. They gave him a chance to seek a trade. There were no takers, so he's a free agent. I he plays right tackle. A lot of people think it would be a no brainer for the Bangles to go after him. And solidify the right side of that line I that would allow Riley Reef to play inside it guard. And then all of a sudden now you'd have Moses on the right side. You'd have. Well, that almost sounds biblical, doesn't it? Uh, yeah. Moses on the right, sir? No, you would have both your tackles. You would have at that point both your guards and Riley Reef in and Jackson Carmen and you would hope sounds like Trey Hopkins is is going to be able to answer the bell. Come on, come first game of the season. That would leave you with some decent depth underneath that Quentin, Spain and Billy Price. But so far no uh no landing spot it all yet for Moses, Hey, grated very well. Last year by pro football focus. He was his grades were top notch. He was a top 10 right tackle in the NFL last year, but it sounds like the Bangles maybe going into this at least. Uh, this mini camp in training camp with what they have, and we'll see where Moses lands. It does Biblical, Isn't it? Coming up at 11 23 already Sunday morning Sports talk news radio 700 wlw. This man has two heads. Hello there. Hey, what's up? You think these two heads.

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