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Would he in today's nomenclature? Be gay? Maybe I don't answer that. You know. Do I know? Yes, he's gay. Yes, yes. I think he was also in love with Owen Meany, but fitting to his generation, his age and the time. He would never have set to love with a boy kills his own mother. Yes, and I think the complexity of that is vast, and but if it were a story set today, it would have to have been very differently handled, but there was well because the would be the necessity upon Johnny Wheelwright at least as an older man to knowledge is feelings to come out of the closet so to speak. But given the time I thought I could be more faithful to men of that generation and never let him aknowledge this even to himself a lost. Click one. I enjoyed the the political, rushing it in the novel, especially what could follow the country in the same could follow the individuals colledge just push you to project a little on something that own writes in his die right at the end. He says this country is headed toward over-simplification. Yeah. Yes, you have to remember that. I'm pretty slow processor as writer. Those things that made me angry or upset me as a child or as a teenager or a young man, whether they were personal things or whether they were like the Vietnam war political things. My tendency as writer is to wait. My tendency is don't write about this thing when you're this close to it. I didn't start writing this novel until almost twenty years after the war and bit nam. And the reason for that is I was so upset about those years and that time and the friends are Louis that I thought, well, I've got to let a little distance happen so that I can know what still makes me angry and differentiate those things from the things I after twenty years recognized. Okay. You just have to let that go. I don't think there would have been a note of humor in pref. Reference Meany if I had written this novel in the nineteen seventies, but it wasn't published until eighty nine. It was a long time after my moment in sixty five. When I was on the verge, I thought of leaving for Vietnam and it didn't happen. I think that's the the key to me is is is being patient as writer about those things that you know our angering or upsetting. Don't write about them whether they're political, personal sexual about your own dysfunctional situation as child, whatever it is if it's still affecting you, you're probably not ready to write about it because you, you can't very well. Then see it from the telephoto lens and make distinctions between. In the things that are funny and the things that are horrible if you're standing this close to it, it's all horrible, right? It's all witching is worthwhile. Well, maybe not to eat. But in the case of of writing something that's disturbing to you. Yeah, it's a good idea to wait John having thank you very much. Indeed.

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