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Protests joins me now congratulations keeper having what is your definition of democratic socialist for me to answer your question the definition of democratic socialism to me again is is the fact that in modern moral welfare society no american should be too poor to live and to me that means every working class american in this country should have access to dignified healthcare should actually be able to see a doctor without going broke it means you should be able to send your kids to college in trade school if they show if they so choose and no person should feel precarious and in or in stable in their access to housing is our economy of cortez she's finding out that philosophy harder than organizing a meet up on social media right this politics to answer your questions i get this is like some answering a question on miss america if if you could help one group of people what group of people would it be yes to answer your question if i could help one group of people in my thinking oh my god what do i say now what do i say now what am i saying now she's trying to stall by repeating the question yes to answer your question i would say for me democratic socially that little bit again he played the beginning of that it is like miss america when you ask that kind question and the answer is accuster cortez to answer your question the definition of democratic socialism to me again okay everyone gets it's all we accept the market the free market doesn't exist but everything else is free god bless her god bless attractive on i think she was trying to sell herself as some like hard scrabble existence and the daily mail that a big piece about how she's from westchester county she didn't live in a mansion or anything but she was fine not exactly like scared exactly yeah eating you know eating scraps local pantry drives over to your house oh my goodness well it's this is where the party's going i guess for the time being but you do get the sense and i don't wanna say see i told you so but see i told you so when the democrats started banking at all on this immigration issue what did i tell you they always misread immigration see where we know the real polls on that's the real polls on immigration when you look at the gallup poll consistently people want reduced levels of immigration or at the or or maybe like a plurality at times wants immigration levels to say the same but people do not are not looking for some great increase in immigration and they want enforcement done and i kept i i mean we all talked about it and you all know this because you guys are smart even following us last night you did that harris harvard poll which john ducted seventy one percent okay supported the president allowing families to be together but seventy three percent want secure borders seventy six percent want stricter enforcement of the immigration laws i mean the seventy percent in excess three percent of democrats want want these criminal aliens turned over to ice and so then you have cossio cortez and jill brand jill lebron's destroyed her her future if she had any and fifty five percent or against the catch and release plan they don't families separated by like eighty percent but fifty five percent against catch and release so we've to find something in bryan that works we need unite people in their home countries keep families united at home i hate to say it but this new socialist president who said hey i talked to trump in some the rebuilding and and and funds for investment we might be able to help them on this migration thing at the border that could be a plus if you created situations where they had a place to go where they were safe and could see a future in their home countries they wouldn't be running back then saved her political future by agreeing to camps right which we were in camp they were calling them in human few weeks now they're now merkel said okay okay well we'll agree to these migrant camps so they don't get to.

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