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They were going to take just in time Automotive used rig moving. It was a great concept really could have changed the rig moving but you know, we all miss understood exactly the commodity price fall and the willingness to embrace Innovation at that particular time. Anyway, so I'm I've Got a Car small customers and we're driving to this sporting pleasure to when I get a copy of a CEO says oh by the way, we're closing company down we missed a covenant and the bank doesn't want it was Really early in the commodity price things and they just said we're going to shut the company I can't talk about right now. I'm going to go. I've got a car full of customers if we're going to go out and shoot Sporting Clays right now, but at that happened, I might have gone a different path and I think you have to really be brave and willing to step into things without knowing exactly what's going to happen. And you know, there was Sheryl sandberg's book about your career. It was a great quote in there about it being a jungle gym, right? It's not like a straight-up ladder. It's climbing around but I think that now makes it richer and Fuller and just to me more interesting. I love I love your energy. I I think that you didn't just just the passion and and the knowledge if you were to go back and talk to yourself 20 years ago in your journey on the River Walk. Is there anything that you would give yourself so for young people today? But but in in particular talking to yourself, what advice would you give that would have a really positive impact on where you are today? Maybe helped you log. The lesson you now know sooner something like that. You know, I really wasn't myself until I was in my late thirties. I don't think so. I don't know exactly what happened at some point. I just became so sure of myself. And so I was much more malleable when I was younger wanting to please people more and at some point I just became so certain of myself and confident in who I was and that is the thing. I thought young people struggle with I look at my son who's Seventeen and he struggles with that wanting that approval or that acceptance and you know, just not really knowing yourself and I don't know how you get there earlier. I think people get there at different times. But you know, if I was to look back at myself, I would just say hey, it's okay. You don't have to be perfect. You can make this you can do that. You can do this. You can try that you'd read this. You don't have to know I am best friends growing up. My she was there very regimented. My father was very regimented when I was young until he got divorced and then all of a sudden he became a much more open-minded person and dog No, they were going through school at the certain time..

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