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And just so our listeners know that's on the rugged pacific coast of vancouver island which is it's high on my list everybody you know we do rugged well to pheno on the west coast and then on the east coast in my province newfoundland labrador if you look up fogo island which is a place that i used to visit growing up and i never ever told anyone to fogo island when they visited newfoundland because it was just so far to get to i would think who would ever go there as tourist it's just so far even though i knew it was beautiful now there's like a sixty million dollar beautiful in that's built there it's just look up fogo island f o g oh it's a tremendous destination and like i say you'll see that canada does rugged and we do it well he tony you were gonna ask about prince edward island or island the only province of ten provinces that we had not visited so i know how are a little island of prince edward island joined confederation but i have never been able to figure out why it is one of the provinces there is only one hundred and forty thousand people in the whole province the whole two percent of our seats in the house of commons and four percent of seats in the senate so they're they're just over represented over represented at that situation with our senate which is becoming more clear to people lately is just this notion that every state or every province should have this what a similar representation regardless of population it might be an interesting question i i'm not sure about the origins but i've never heard it's not like in canada there's anyone who's ever there's no movement to you know reduce the political influence of prince edward island because yes while they are a very small province or smallest province i've never really heard anyone feel like they're over represented you know they're a province and always have been and always will in fact it was in prince edward island where the fathers of confederation sat down and hammered out canada well that's right and then our confederation was eighteen sixty seven but prince edward island did not join for another six years so i think that they just made carved out a tough deal with the other provinces instead if you want us to join we're going to be a separate province and we only have one hundred and forty thousand people my my hat's off to them we can travel there and ask them themselves and i should say if you do travel there we're talking about the atlantic coast now it is a small island it is joined to the mainland so you can drive there no fairy necessary and it's golf for days and beautiful beaches it's very much a great family is the perfect family friendly vacation wonderful people and make nificant seafood oh if you like lobster it's the man to go i'm just my travel dreams are percolating here hey tony.

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