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Like he could be a one off guy. He doesn't have to hold the title. He still he still a spectacle. And he does show up. I think somehow Rollins will come in and win it, and we all know lesser shouldn't have the title. Anyways, it shouldn't. It was Roman reigns. Title the vacate and then just. Handed it to Leser. So yeah, I think I think Rollins wins at hands down a I could be wrong. But I do think Rollins gets it off Leser women's what is it triple threat, Charlotte flare, Becky Lynch, and yeah, Ronda Rousey, made event wrestlemainia the latest finally did at the the I think the the match is going to blow the roof off of the place. I think that or Kofi is going to be matching the night, although AJ styles and AJ styles. And Randy Orton could be could steal the show as well. But I think this one is going to be worth every penny is the main event, I think it's going to be abusive. It's going to be nasty. It's going to be a slugfest. I think there's going to be so many, you know, this that you know, changes twists I think at the end of the day. Becky Lynch comes out on top, and she has both titles. I think Rhonda's talked about taking some time off. I think she's held the title for. Little over almost a little shy of a year. Now, I can't remember when she got it Becky has kind of been screwed around. You know, Charlotte is entitled I think they finally do right by the fans that give Becky the double titles. You know, somehow some way I think she walks away with titles. I would hope to see that. But you never know. You know, maybe they wanna continue storyline. But I think the payoff we're we're almost a, you know, we're we're eight months into the steel like the payoff has to come at some point for Becky like they built her up, and they have to give the payoff are they gonna lose all that momentum. And I think wrestlemanias where the payoff comes. So. Yeah. My predictions on wrestlemainia, I would love to hear years on and your thoughts on anything. We've talked about today. It is at Jim beaver fifteen on social media hit me up. Tweet me Instagram. E D me, let me know your questions. You thoughts concerns? If you hate me, if you love me, I would love to hear from you guys. Don't forget I'll be at the TV world championship this weekend. If somehow you're in Laughlin makes your swing? By say and check me out. Also, don't forget down and dirty show..

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