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Out of normalization talks which were due to be held in brussels today that's an ongoing process i doubt it will affect things going forward but with the kosevo you never can tell colangelo me with me from belgrade turkey's president is again wound of a turkish led military offensive against kurdish forces in northern syria president edwin also lashed out for a second time at us backing for a new kurdish border force would operate in the area which was announced earlier this week mark levin is in istanbul forest last market these are just warnings or whether they'll be backed up by action biting of effort ever with their with prison dead one there is some at level of of of rhetoric for domestic consumption to shore up his nationalist support base hair andrew but at they're all also stepped signs that an a military offensive is indeed eminence i mean turkish tanks have gone down to the border with syria there's been artillery fire across the border at towards kurdish forces in northern syria over the last three days and so it could well happen at turkey of course led a minute the offensive into northern syria a few months ago with backing from the syrian opposition the rebels there and present at on said that the support from the syrian rebels would continue for this operation against these syrian kurdish forces now the basis of the motivation is that turkey sees the syrian kurds as terrorists and is furious about american support for the kurdish measure in syria and particularly so about this plan for this new border force where the us would give military backing to a new kind of kurdish military force about thirty thousand people in then also so both of those issues the fact the best continued american support for the kurdish militia and as this time for this new border force has meant the president had one is absent furious he's warned about an imminent offensive and there's there's really the the suggestion that it could be unleashed in the next forty eight hours and that would put turkey and direct military confrontation with the us in syria so that would be a confrontation between two supposedly nato allies as kentucky often so keen to maintain good relations with.

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