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What is important to us. This is an important election coming up in the White House bleed through the state of Michigan. Now this after Hillary Clinton largely ignored Michigan. After securing the primary nomination overstate was a frequent stop off for then candidate, Donald Trump or one of the candidates that might want to swing through Michigan. Of course, Senator Elizabeth Warren in an Email to supporters Warren says she's ruling a big money fundraisers. And she goes for the twenty twenty democratic nomination, we're gonna build from the grassroots were actually going to build a foundation for the Democratic Party. That is really about face to face person to person neighbor to neighbor people who are engaged in this campaign. Warren says haulers supporters should I have equal access to her as a candidate, regardless of the amount of their donation amid time North Carolina Republicans need to find a new congressional candidate to run and a two thousand eighteen election. Redo CBS news correspondent Jim Krasula. Explains why Republican Marquez won't run and do over election and North Carolina's knife congressional district. The state elections board ordered a new election last week because of widespread ballot fraud Harris who is opting out of another run because of health issues. Let democrat Dan McCreevy by nine hundred five votes, but Creedy will run in the new election. Harris polling his name out of the race comes amid an ongoing investigation. Into a convicted felon who was hired by Harris campaign to collect absentee ballots. It is five thirty nine. Let's see what happens on Wall Street today and check in with Tracy jonky Bloomberg business beginning of the year. When New Year's resolutions are still fresh are usually the best time of year for gyms and other wellness companies. But for Weight Watchers the year got off to a slow start. It is forecasting slower membership growth all year as a result. Homedepot is warning its sales growth will start to slow this year to five percent that would be the weakest growth in seven years for. Home Depot and Home Depot. Played a role as the Dow fell thirty four points. The NASDAQ was down five the s&p down two points. I'm Tracy jonky. Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio coming up scooting around.

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