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I can get there. That I can't thank you enough when you do that. Album excited for it. I don't care what year it is. I'll probably be retired again at that point. Ladies and Gentlemen Best Kicker in the Game Cam a guy who wins Games is going to have to win some here down the stretch. I assume it's going to get close. Good luck in the playoffs. Baltimore Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker thank you buddy Happening Bro so there. You look thinner than you've ever looked is that I look thinner. Fitter I should say fetter instead of Phil Better. Yeah I'm still I'm still gonNA like one eighty three point. Oh Man I know maybe it's I I've been I've been trying new stuff like trimmed beard a certain way. Probably that was it. That's all right. Thank you talk appreciate you got a pet later. He's so good at kicking out of you got to focus on focusing just talked about this yesterday literally just talking about this gesture because we did that. XFL Ball thing and a lot of people are asking asking. How many takes was it? It was seven seventy six and the first six. I was just throwing it right. I was just throwing trying to get it in and then on the seventh one I was like all right actually tried to get it in here like actually trying to get in there so you tell yourself to actually focus. That's a very interesting thing here. I'm say that because it literally just happened two days ago What a good conversation with? By the way he's going to be a country musician at some point someone talking to it might as well might as well he's from Texas. He has the look. Put a ball cap on him in the off season kicked balls and make a few million singing country songs to everyone in Baltimore. We weren't in the country until or chicken. That's unbelievable started singing. He is so good at kicking malls so good at it. You know. Every time he goes out that it's going to be a big and that's and when he misses it's big news like when he misses he actually has to have a press conference about direct like the last couple of times. He's missed they. Call them in for press conferences. Like what happens. I just missed. uh-huh okay are you on. That's what he missed an extra point or something Last year and he literally had to have a press conference about why he missed it he was like Oh. I'm sorry I'm like ninety nine point nine percent Sam cook very good Morgan Cox very good that Baltimore. Ravens seem very very very good there at buffalo this weekend. He's easy to have some tough conditions up their bills. Mafia buffalo is plus five and a half this weekend ravens. How do we feel about it like you like buffalo plus von Thanks L.? All right let me hear what I don't know if I have re Baltimore big spread last week. I feel like it could be a kind of similar game. Bad conditions in buffalo tight buffalo. Plays everyone tight. Josh look good last week five and a half a lot of points it is worth five and a half point dog. I don't know Buffalo's been very good. Yeah they have been very very good under the radar sneaky good to write everybody including us. We didn't talk about on that much as much as we probably should have. Because we have a lot of fans in buffalo we appreciate the bills. Mafia always give a lot of credit the bills Mafia. Who stuck with this team and it seems like this year it's paying off for them? It seems like the Buffalo Bills are an actual squad now. Granted Jerry world was up in arms air whenever they get the wind down there but they josh allens playing well. That defense is good. If that defense can stop Lamar Jackson then it's GonNa be close game that's kind of the way it goes. But if you can't stop Lamar Jackson Jackson by stopping Lamar slow him down right. You're not GonNa stop me last week. One hundred one hundred naval slowed him down technically. So he's going to do all six minute thirty the second drives and everything like that. I mean it's just. It's only a matter of time before Lamar Jackson POPs off but at Buffalo bills team has been playing very well up Sir do I do. I think the ravens are six points. Better yes yeah but can the ravens have a down week after emotional game against the forty niners and the bills else have three more days for pear possibly plus five and a Half Salat Betting in Wales and fourteenth rush to so I could see them having a lot more problems albums against this team that we think the bills are fourteenth against Russia. Okay so that means Ravens probably GONNA do well number one reinvent Amer in Ravens. Ravens are four one one against the spread away games as well great stats boys. They might flip completely. Won't interrupt this incredible conversation. Let you know that macari. This selling APP has made it super easy for real people to sell and ship their unused things. We all have things we.

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