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I don't know if you guys saw the pictures i posted in slack of her. But she's been at like at ian side the entire day and it's very sweet and i love it. That's a really cozy looking. Blanket is such a cosy blanket. That's the other reason that she's been around him all day but we don't Well what a good nurse. That's a great sleepy shutting to know sleeping and stretched out next to him and it's all very cute. I love them. That's that is very nice. Shots the squeaks. If you'll listen. I'll tell her i'll tell her just in case she listens sometimes but she doesn't always listened so aaron. What are you drinking. I've got an ice water. And i've also got a special beverage. Which is a hot chocolate in. The mix is room for all the. That's not right fear deli. That's yeah here in early. Thirty for your deli. No no no no. It's from delhi's from for all. Its from beer. It's from whole ivor. Vera holly chocolate rally. It's from it's from the deary chocolate factory in raleigh. Yes we finally got there so this guy. Yeah so look. I just wanna talk about hot chocolate for a second okay. Let's talk much. Aqua powder is out look out shots. My mother-in-law robin who sent me. And i assume the christmas package i think last year that included some williams sonoma hot chocolate. We were like. Oh that's cute hot chocolate. No the most you pull it out of the baggage chocolate shavings like milk. Chocolate shavings like beautiful. Like that's what it is and so you put that in milk. Ns like amazing is like drinking a chocolate bar so totally ruined me for hot chocolate. So molly got this for rebel victory. Maybe guests can me. I just closed the window. Videri hot chocolate mix. It's like dark chocolate mix and it's like not not as good. I was kinda hoping it would be great and local but anyway it's like pretty good but it's not like williams-sonoma level but anyway i mentioned that all of that because i want everyone know about looms over though to nova cinema because i think it's only available seasonally so so you got to buy it now and and and also wanted to mention to you particularly about this real ver- all the because we might do. A tour of the chocolate factory will during thanksgiving so. That's all knew that out. No okay. we're good hot chocolate. Put a link to williams-sonoma 's product hot chocolate classic. I mean get the fuck out of town. It's really good. Is it the same thing. It's chocolate shavings. That's the that's the product. We're listening to anything. I said hannah yet. While i was but i wasn't sure if if the original gift was from williams-sonoma but i guess it makes sense that it would be so if you're listening you know that that wasn't what she said. Okay i miss a couple words every few words and you guys are all up my ass very high ratio. We say that a few can be up to three couple. Every.

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