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To activate the offer mybookie dot AG and then use my my promo code kevin kevin dc all right let's talk about what was going on in what you and i were both watching when the kobe news broke broke first of all i have not asked you aaron when it broke how did you find out or how did you find out about it you're obviously watching the maryland game i know that so oh i don't know there were like eight nine minutes left in the game somewhere around there ten minute mark of the second half what how did you handle it so i was i was just i was is in bed i had my laptop i was watching the game and all of a sudden i see like the very early one of the early tweets re tweets of TMZ and miami thing it was just kinda blasted out on texts and i watch thirty seconds of the game after it was on and i could hear you know i remember at the end saying oh in in maryland gets a big win i was like i kind of look like oh they they won okay but yeah for for those two minutes i was barely watching the game yeah because when the it i started to trickle out on social media maryland was down eight they had gone from up fourteen in the first half to down eight in the second half and the game let me just say this spectacular game which i recorded and went back and watched the final ten minutes of late last night because i really felt like i did not know what the hell was going on in those final ten minutes we were switching stations in watching the kobe stuff in on social media following the story but this game started with a first-half from maryland that followed the second half against northwestern that if you add the two together the back tobacco cabs they had scored ninety six points in those two halves fifty one in the second half northwestern forty five in the first half yesterday in bloomington against indiana and it was like doc i've mentioned about the northwestern game that he had gone to something that he typically hasn't done in the past i don't know how much he's really done and it's more of a five out free free flowing let your playmakers make plays couple of rules offense you know wasn't micromanaging each possession and it turned out you know really really well l. for them at northwestern soon as you go into indiana and in the first half i mean things are flowing now they're running more half court offense and more half court sets you you know than they did in the second half against northwestern but at one point maryland was shooting sixty seven percent and they were nine for thirteen from behind the arc early in that game they could not miss but either could indiana but maryland did build a fourteen point lead that was cut to nine at half and i swear to god i said to corbin at halftime erin and i go i'm gonna tell you right now there's going to be a point in the second half where maryland is going to trail in the game he's like they're up nine i'm like they're gonna be down at least one one at some point in this game well they weren't down one they were down eight within it was twenty th they out scott outscored twenty four to seven to start the second half and like the first six minutes indiana went eleven for thirteen to start that second half and with you know they built a sick the eight point lead was built here it is they won up eight with eleven forty five to go so an eight minutes and fifteen seconds back in stay at erased a nine point deficit and were up eight so there it is that was the twenty four seven stretch for them and then it was sort of the rest of the way a game in which maryland was hanging in there there are a couple of moments where it could have turned ugly indiana missed a couple of easy shots missed a couple of open threes is that could have extended you know a seven point lead to ten and then who knows but maryland hung in there they really did they hung in there they kept closing it back to six back to i five and then it got you know back to seven on a on a breakaway dunk right around four minutes to go and then i thought down the stretch the first first crucial play for the turps at seventy one sixty four down seven and you're heading for the under four time out indiana eric i alam l. a. misses a a tough dry baseline in a layup but it was a layup he should have made it they missed it and down comes indiana with a chance to stretch it to nine or ten and we're under four minutes now and they missed en- daryl more cell grabbed a key rebound and then he went coast to coast it wasn't smooth but he got to the rim he scored award got fouled they went to the under four television timeout maryland's down five and he's got a free throw on the other end they could have been up nine or ten but but instead they've got a chance to cut it to four which they did more cell did not play well in the first half at all he sat a lot net first-half looked like you know turgeon was a bit upset with him offensively defensively but we've seen this with their more cell before like in big moments down the stretch he comes up with clutch place ways so they that cut it to four then they fell behind by six seventy three sixty seven and then cowan makes a huge three you know off a off a hand off screen fra a hand off pass and then screened set simultaneously by sticks and he makes this three in its seventy four seventy but then they go up by six and now we're down to close to a minute to go and then sticks makes a driving layup which is not a comfort zone shot dot for him in fact i didn't like the shot at all but he made it and at seventy six seventy two with a minute to go maryland called their last time out after that bucket and they set up the pressure and they gotta steal cowan actually got his hands on a pass jalen smith came up with it they got it to wiggins and that's the shot right there erin because that's an impossible shot he is he was guarded it was contested he knocks down a deep three and with fifty seconds to go it's a one point game and and on the other end maryland gets a stop they don't have any timeouts left they get the rebound anthony cowan gets a quick you know high ball screen corrine from smith who dives to the paint cowan hits him he catches it puts it on the floor and scores i saw a lot of indiana people saying that jalen had walked worked on that plane no he didn't i mean what planet are you on to think that he traveled on that play tracy jackson davis on the other end on what should have been a game winner her for them clearly traveled or carried the ball and it wasn't called and you're not gonna get that call either but sticks made a really good catch got us got himself together to one hard dribble rebel and laid it in with fourteen and a half seconds to go and then merrill got the stop on the other end but it was really a lucky stop in many ways because indiana got hard to get anything better than basically typically uncontested from three feet because sticks was actually stumbling away from jackson davis who missed the floater and in maryland grabbed the rebound and they seventy seven to seventy six by scoring seven point straight to end the game after being down six crazy easy game both teams played well i the couple of things stood out before we get to what happened at the end of the game with jalen smith number one is this anthony cowan was was absolutely unguardable in this game on guard -able and what's really interesting is i got a lot of friends and you do too probably they'll they'll read the box scores as only six fifteen or the other night he was only two for ten or whatever watch the game okay he's impacting the game in many ways in on many nights without outscoring a lot or with bad shooting you know he can have it he's had it off night's shooting here recently but played very well he got wherever he wanted to go at any point he was the most difficult cover on the court i would like i am going to make time to go watch the arch i like watching the press conferences after it here the coaches i haven't heard archie miller but they had no answer no answer for cowan they also did not have an answer for sticks smith who got set up by cowan and i al a bunch in the game but but wow the jump that sticks his made here in the last couple of games air you know do you know how many people including my sons were massive maryland basketball fans who just thought sticks was way overrated for much of last year and this year and i kept saying when you got two first place playing the five spotty should be playing the four spot but but he's see how many times have i told you in the weeks since we've been doing the podcast i've said he's got to shoot more key shooting those threes he's got he's got one of the best strokes on the team four for six from behind the arc yesterday a career high twenty nine after setting a career high twenty five the other night another double double his third straight double double in this stretch of wins over purdue northwestern in indiana he was incredible yesterday dominant in more block shots yesterday he's he's got more lopa he's getting more comfortable with his post moves as of point probably three weeks ago oh i definitely had conversation where we were like oh there's no way he's a first rounder now at least we get him for another here so i don't know where exactly it happened how it happened but he's definitely kicked into a completely different gear his mentality just seems completely different yeah he was he was i'm not gonna say passive but he definitely wasn't assertive early on and now it seems it seems like he's in all right i'm not gonna you know it's cowan's team but he's the guy i mean sticks difference maker when you got a team and i was going to get to this point next but when you got a team that does have scores i'll talk about here about this momentarily and now you've got a guard a five-man out to the three point line and you've got guys like cowen who it with open with an open floor and open paint are gonna really really dice you up your dangerous so here's the other thing about maryland look we a lot of you think that i always get get way too excited after a win or two bullish in don't criticize them enough when they lose whatever had it i tell you how i feel and i've been critical last year was much more critical of this team in their pace of play particularly than i been about this team because this team does have scores they do have shooters maryland's three point percentage shooting this year's been terrible but i've multiple times i've said on this podcast on the radio show it doesn't make sense to me because you know wiggins has a great stroke cowan can really shoot it i alec can really shoot it jalen smith can really stroke it from deep dante scott can shoot it sorelle smith can shoot it and that you know remember with wiggins a couple times and i said to you they're going to be some of these there's going to be a night here where he's going to go five for for ten from from behind the arc and he's gonna end up with twenty six he's coming off the bench right now i don't think he's playing enough minutes i'll just tell you play twenty six minutes yesterday what while cowan going in smith got thirty six and thirty five respectively he's i think just as important in in some ways but whatever seems to be comfortable and he hit a huge three ended up with with eight points on two for five from behind the arc but they've got guys and see this is what makes them very very dangerous is more nights than not they're good good would defensive team i thought they were not very good defensively yesterday but i also give indiana credit archie miller runs great stuff they get the people open in didn't matter about zone or man i i mean i i don't know what turgeon was thinking in that bench was thinking 'cause they tried so so many things defensively and indiana kept getting shots at the rim they miss them in the first half they didn't miss any at the start of the second half but but they ran good zone stuff they ran good man stuff they got a good team they have a very good team they're fifteen and five in maryland our own had beaten them by sixteen or seventeen but they had a thirty point lead in the game in college park you know a month ago but but maryland is hard hard to cover and i know there have been these games were they've really struggled to score but i think it's a product of this league and how tough it is defensively and how tough it is on the road and how well scouted teams are but they have i mean you're crazy just try to be objective about it.

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