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You know what they're doing, And you've seen a lot of the teams in in in Europe. Kind of mimic Mac. What? What the U. S nt D P did And it's funny because You know, And you know this. I was working predominantly in the Ontario Hockey League when the U. S nt D P started And it was funny because you would go to a lot of Canadian Barnes and people would go one of those crazy Americans doing And I think each and every person that has watched the NT D P grow now kind of re can set and said, Wow, this is a great models. What you've seen. Is a lot of teams in Europe, Mac mimic what has been going on with the U. S anti DP And so you've seen the Swiss Do something like that. Slovakia do something like that. You know, Germany kind of have their own thing and to me That's the funniest thing to see. Darren is is watching. You know, these other countries start to develop players. And look, um I saying that a team's gonna go beat Russia or or Canada of us for a gold medal? No, that's highly unlikely. But you know what? The chance that you know one game. Syriza's They could knock off one of those teams. Oh, it's real. That is absolutely positively real. And you know, we we've seen it happen. We've seen them pull some some upsets in that regard. So during your right this is this is a situation where I wish more people, at least on this side of the Detroit River. Knew what a great hockey tournament This is. You know, And the one thing is because if you're looking to watch the stars of tomorrow, this is where you're gonna find him. And this is where you're going to see. You know, I was fortunate enough to Two that I never play for team Canada and like that, But my group or my representatives was the Linda Ross era. And I always remember guy Brad May who.

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