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But no, it's it's it's different. But again, something that we have to go through but you know I'll I'll say this too says. When you see the number of employees they? Ticket takers as the concession people and all the people in the bay area that people who work at the Coliseum also working San Francisco. So those people work our everyday six straight months for their entire. Their entire income, and now that's been shut down I feel so badly for him and your handed baseball back no fans in the stands you know that that's different different difficulty Someone said a matter of fact popular the other day actually can be our call with them, which is a shock because normally that that doesn't happen but Greg mentioned that same thing you said, you know how your dinner. You like the beat out on the field talking in the phone whatever. But you know something we have to deal with and. You know I think a lot of cases something like this. You try to go on your past experience. Things that that you kind of draw from the past and you know the game is still between the white lines and still basically baseball thrown into a hitter and you hope to catch it and you know there's a lot of pressure involved especially postseason I. think that's the most important thing that people have to understand that he is not regular season the astros to under five hundred and they won the first game in their undefeated so far postseason. So you throw all those things out the window you experience and you and you take what you learned maybe. From other times, it can help you in certain situations, and that's where it really comes in and plays a big part in the success in October one, her well Ray Fosse. We look forward to talking to you next year hopefully under more norm-, normal circumstances but thanks for providing us so much insight today on as plus. Okay Susan thank you and all you. Thanks into. Ray. Fosse. For joining us on as plus you can follow the as radio broadcasts throughout the postseason at nine sixty a am our producers today we're G Allen Johnson and King Kaufman we will be back again next week with more as plus. Thanks for listening..

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