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I don't know how you fix it. I mean like people. Can you know all they've got to make changes while you've got the same players you're not trading those players. You're not changing those players. How can those players be better more consistently even their own team. Says the same thing. Jake muslim who. I a feel or sense of moslem that. There's there's not a lot of bullshit jake. Muhsin agreed and so he said at the beginning of the year we we've learned a to be a little more mature in our game. Yeah well right now. They need to stick their noses in. They need to get their hands dirty because they may think they are. They're not san. Jose deserved the win. The other night they played the night before and montreal. Toronto had four days off five days off. They should toronto. Should've skated those guys into the ice. And it didn't happen and not much is happening throughout that lineup. With the exception. I mean michael hutchinson and his game wasn't very good right now. They've got the injury maroshek. Sounds like he's getting healthy. Jack campbell for the most part is has been fine if not better than fine but then you look at the defense. You mentioned muhsin david camp. Who's a real good defensive forward. His numbers aren't good defensively. Their power play isn't like you're the coach your sheldon keefe. You're looking at it. Gone aside from juggling that lineup. Where do you start. Just start with the power play and say okay. It's been it's been five games but really it's been two games. Yeah i've been six games. It's been two games because matthew knives visas about but everybody's hung up on the setup whether mourner belongs in the middle or on the wing against san. Jose couldn't get in the zone right no matter what your setup is. They couldn't get in the zone so they're not sharp. They're not right. Some of it can be cured with with a little bit more as we used to. Call a little as my dad. You say a little more elbow grease right like you get you get to work here. All all throw allies patterson from the connection. That's too there are times when a player thinks they're working hard enough and they're not like pederson says. Yeah my game's not right yet and you know what think back to his first year. How many times did you see him. Just tenaciously winning pocket. Back as an always on the puck like pavel data. Klay there right now. He may think he's doing it. he's not in. Toronto is not committed enough to get themselves over the hump to let their talent takeover. They're not yet and they better get there quick. Yeah agreed likewise with the chicago. Blackhawks this imprint. They're they're not but that's the way it appears. And i didn't think that they were going to make great strides. But i did feel that they were going to be better. And maybe that was putting too much stock. And bringing in seth jones and marc andre fleury and of course jon tapes being back on the ice leadership role and being healthy again. That's just a great. Nhl story but it just it. It feels like they're coming apart at the seams with that organization. Like on and off the ice while i was there for was there tuesday. I guess now and it was their home opener. They were playing the islanders. They played a good thirty minutes really good thirty minutes and then they just fell apart in their start. One in five their minus fifteen in goals like that is a debacle. Mine is so..

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