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Life in New Orleans. So I have made a very special guest joins me day. Hi, Tiffany, acetate, our producer. Be very shy. You guys would be best producer in the world. She said passage she helps all this goodness happened behind the scenes. She is the reason that Corey ni- politic either every week. And you know, she's the one you kind of here, like in the background. We're like what's with that? And with this intivists, always there, helping us both talent like everything guys. She's always laughing in the background. So today, I was like Corey is my here. You're not gonna have me talking to myself tip tickets Aguirre's tips, here. We're going to, you know easier and slowly not too much KiKi behavior. Girl. Hey, how are you? Good. How are you? Trying. All right. But let me not embarrassed if any further you guys, we have a very good show for you. It's a tree a real tree. Blair Underwood is here. Icon layer again, Lehrer Underwood is here. Y'all gorgeous ladies. You're welcome. Fellas this still much to learn. But ladies again, you are welcome. Ted was he not just everything all kinds of goodness. Gorgeous kind, smart funny. Great sense of humor. He still looks thirty serious like what happened? He and Angela Bassett just need to quit. This is starting to get like I'm starting to be like you guys are about I just. just haven't the formula. That's it. That's all I want. I don't ask for much. I would go to the jungle and get the formula myself and the share it. We just need a map. Mike X makes us back guy. No. But seriously Blair, Underwood, his starring in or he plays in one of the episodes in when they see us, which is Eva do grenades, brand new four part mini series on Netflix out today. It is very powerful. If you guys haven't heard about it is documenting the story of the central park five who we now call the exonerating five. Yeah. Which, I mean, most black people know this story, it's a horrific story happen to these young men. They spent how many years thirty no almost twenty years, some of them. So the own the sixteen year old spent nearly twelve years in jail, and then the other one spent over a decade. So finally did not commit as young kids. They were teenagers limit happen wrongly accused because of their race because they win the wrong. As at the wrong time. And we know the story and we also know that the current president of the United States took out a full page ad asking that. They try for their crimes was what did he ask? What the death penalty ask for New York to bring back the death penalty just to penalize these men? You guys I don't get me started. It's the heartbreak Israel, the hurt Israel. But as usual are able to Rene is telling very important story and using her art to help heal we're all going to be tuning into when they see us, you'll hear the interview Corey saw the documentaries, and she is like it's heavy you're going to really want to settle into to fear. She's saying, yeah, she said you're going to want to, like blackout sometime over the entire weekend. Absolutely. Just take it all in. No. But sadly, Blair Underwood comes in. And he inquiry really talk about the power of the film. I can't wait to see. I wanted to wait. Sometimes I'd like to wait and you know, we get a chance to see things in advance. Yeah. But I like to experience them when everybody else does. I cannot.

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