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Philpott was heard shouting in the background sounding frantic and distressed. Well, some neighbors did try to get the children save them. But they couldn't get through. They were held back by the intense, heat and the thick black smoke. This was an older house. I could imagine it wasn't really the safest as far as fires- go either. The were really some toxic smoke fumes coming out of that house. You're the fire department arrived within four minutes, which is really quick, but it was already too late in all six kids were found in their beds, and they had all been overcome by smoke. Inhalation Bill putz biological children with Marais ten-year-old Jade nine year old John eight year old Jack six-year-old Jesse and five year old Jaden were all dead marines older son from a previous relationship. Dwayne who was thirteen was barely alive. And he was rushed to the hospital now. Thing about this Philpott didn't really try to save the kids. So you can say he didn't purposely kill these kids. But he did nothing to try to help them not really him his own. Hide was more important him the children's lives posed. Yes. So paramedics carried all the kids into the yard and try to resuscitate them full put than broke through the crowd kissed. His dead daughter Jade then walked away. So that was the extent of his involvement at that point, and he stayed with myriad in a neighbor's house. So this was looked at very strange that the parents just walked away. They weren't there grieving over their children nothing. No witnesses were really surprised that they didn't want to be near their children's bodies or spend some time with Dwayne who had barely survived the smoke in might have been the only child they would have left had he survived. The police did take the couple to siege. Wayne at the hospital, but Philpot refused to enter. The boys room. He said he had to go to the custody hearing that day for his four children with Lisa Willis. So. Wow. So he thinks well, yeah, I six my kids are dead or five dead and one's dying. But I'm still gonna go to court go to court. So what's the thought process there any idea? Stupidity again. I mean, there's his to be more to this through simple. He's an idiot. Yeah. And and in our Cest in his mind, the importance of going to court where he could regain custody of the kids and the additional thousand pounds a month trumped any feelings. You might have for the dead people the dead kids who he was supposed to be very nurturing to which is really shocking bullshit, who's nurturing? I mean, he he treated his women like shit. Right. So he can make a play of being the doting father. But he didn't care about them anymore to cared about the mothers of. The kids. Yeah. Another part of this for me is that maybe he's more upset to think that Lisa would get away with this. And maybe another man would end up raising those kids, then he really is about the death of the children or actually having the children in his lives. I think it was a blow to his ego that she left him. That was the big issue with her if he'd left her behind that would have been fine. Sure, if the kids had died probably would have been fine to Renault that was. Yeah. But the fact that she left him with the kids and the money losing the money, of course, was just more than his little ego. Could take police were also quite surprised when he spent half an hour in the hospital corridor whispering to one of his friends, and this was Paul Moseley. They didn't know that Paul Moseley had had a threesome with the couple just hours earlier Philpott also felt up raid in the hospital hallway as Jane was fighting for his life and just after five of his children had died that morning. More than gross sell people were just really disturbed. See how this couple was acting. And at this point. I really can't have any sympathy from arrayed either. No, she seems to be kind of complicit in this doesn't she? Yeah. I think she's too far gone here. And maybe it started out that she was a decent person. But at this point, I just don't have sympathy for her. So

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