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To the south. And we are looking at lots of spots near 100° if not over 100° Minneapolis 100 today. It's going to feel like one O 6. COVID shots could be available for children 5 and under as soon as tomorrow the CDC signed off on the recommendation Saturday the decision clears the way for nearly 2 million children in the U.S. to get vaccinated. I'm Michael castner. And I'm Denise Pellegrini in the Bloomberg newsroom. More flight delays for travelers in the U.S. today. JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes says labor shortages are still an issue. The aviation industry is such a finely tuned machine that when you don't have all the right resources and all the right places at the right time, it couldn't get challenged very quickly. He's also says that's why JetBlue scaled back flights earlier this year. At the same time, Hayes tells us JetBlue now has access to a second permanent slot at London's Heathrow. Stocks in London are a higher and stocks across the board are higher pretty much as well. London Switzer up about 1% cac and Paris up more than a tenth of a percent and the Dax up about four tenths of a percent. Bitcoin hovering above 20,000 this hour, after bouncing back from below $18,000 of Bitcoin on Saturday. And treasury secretary Janet Yellen says the fed can engineer a soft landing for the U.S. economy, even as it continues to hike interest rates. We expect to transition to steady and stable growth. But I don't think a recession is inevitable. And Yellen on ABC's this week heard here on Bloomberg radio. But chair Jerome Powell, likely to get grilled about inflation and recession risks when he testifies on Capitol Hill this coming week. Inflation taking a toll on infrastructure projects across the U.S., more on that from Bloomberg since Anna Palmer. Rising prices for materials such as asphalt steel and iron pipes are driving up the costs to build roads, bridges, rail lines, and water mains, state and local officials say inflation is eating into the value of the $1 trillion federal infrastructure law signed by president Joe Biden just 7 months ago. Some officials say inflation has forced them to delay or to scale back the scope of projects. Thank you, Susanna. And global news 24 hours a day. On air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than a 120 countries. In the newsroom I'm Denise Pellegrini. This is Bloomberg. Broadcasting live from the Bloomberg interactive broker studio in New York. Bloomberg 11 three O to Washington D.C. Bloomberg 99 one to Boston, Bloomberg

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