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It's there. What sucks is the WWE and UFC merger ruins my hot take for Francis and Ghana's first fight if he can't get John Jones. But he used to fight Bobby Lashley. Oh, God. Because I think Brock is a rap. But you get Bobby Lashley to come out. I mean, you could. I mean, look, man, you wouldn't want to. Yeah. JK. JK, you're still undefeated. You could get Jake. You get Jake Hager. You'd have to build and like, you'd have to negotiate with Tony Khan be like, hey, can you build that guy up to make him look like a threat? Oh, yeah, yeah, a 100%. But you might do it. It's a domino then has fallen. It's not the biggest domino. It doesn't mean anything yet, but you have to knock one domino down in order to make the other ones go. You have to do something like that, or I don't know, you'd have to get a name, like somebody who's still a name. Yeah. It could be older wash, but you need somebody. If you're going to pay them two mill to move the needle. You just have to get somebody who is about to be out of their contract. And then bring them over. And you have to figure out who that is. I don't know if it's the Eric Lewis rematch. I don't know how long Derek loose is still with. It's going to be with the UFC. I don't know. Data doesn't seem keen to cutting him. He seems to know he likes them. But at a certain point, you got to look at what you're getting paid. And you got to go, um, 'cause they didn't say that my opponent gets 2 million by accident. That was very purposeful. Oh, so the person knows when I jump ship. So if I'm sitting there and I got two stuff in my contract, you either forcing the UFC to pay you or you jumping ship. It's a good place for a lot of people to be. Doesn't mean it's all gonna happen, but you gotta move in order to make things happen for yourself and others, but a move like this was necessary. So it's big, it's big. And people can say, Dana White wasn't affected, but what did he do? He jumped on Twitter and did what? Got to walk the dogs, school drop off, meetings from ten to three. Take kids to soccer practice, then. There goes the extra time for a jog. That's okay. Maybe next week. When everyone else relies on you, it's

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