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Packaging fees and talent agencies owning production companies or loses his clients still no agreement so ninety five percent of the guild membership voted to authorize the nuclear option to fire their agents all at once if they didn't comply like many screen writers for David Simon threatening to fire his agent was complicated get a personal relationship in my experience he's an honest broker he's been very astute at how to thread projects through studios about what's happening in the industry he's got his ear to the ground his is a smart guy would you describe yourself as friends yeah it's friend we've been down there for twenty years so personal and I'm not mad at him for being on the other side of it it's systemic it's not about whether I'm friends with my agent it's about the future my industry in the status of writers within that industry the deadline came to sign the new code of conduct in April and when it came the agency's asked to delay citing they got a week long extension and even on the real last day April twelfth of this year he thought maybe just maybe the agencies would agree to the terms in the final hours so we waited I believe until midnight to see if there was any word and finally via email a word from the guilt and the word came back that the agencies did not take us seriously and that as of midnight tonight we will ask all of our members to fire anybody who has not signed the code of conduct and sure enough that week the writers guild began collecting the signatures of seven thousand screen writers signatures on letters of termination one week later they hand delivered those letters involved to the agencies writers had chosen the nuclear okay so the first wave of.

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