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The tip paraded informants says spelled s ez gene seeberg is four months pregnant by ray hewitt known as masai and identified as president black panther minister of education informants says she has said she plans to have the baby the note was delivered to the paper's offices and passed to haber with a note from her editor bill thomas who confirmed that the information came from quote a pretty good source on may 19th nineteen seventy haber ran a blind item in her column headlined miss a rates as expectant mother here is the item in full let tests call her miss a because she's the current aid topic of chatter among the ends of international showbiz circles she is beautiful and she is blonde miss a came to hollywood some years ago with a tantalising flavor of a basket of fresh picked berries the critics picked at her acting debut and in time a handsome european picked her for his wife after they married miss a lived in semiretirement from the us movie scene but recently she burst forth as the star of a multimilliondollar musical meanwhile the outgoing miss a was pursuing a number of freespirited causes among them the the lack revolution she lived what she believed which raised a few establishment eyebrows not because her escorts were often blacks but because they were black nationalists and now according to all those really in international sources topic a is the baby miss a is expecting and it's father.

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