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What's going on, David. Hey, it's big. It's big. The Empire State Building. It'll shine its tower lights, red, white, and blue tonight, because later this afternoon, we find out that 26 man roster will be at the World Cup later this month. Former national team player Kyle beckerman sees the talent rising because now these kids are growing up with soccer teams in their backyard. They're growing up with high level soccer on TV. You're able to see the highest level a lot more now than you ever were before. All right, that sounds promising. So for the World Cup, which begins, the United States, November 21st against Wales. I'd love to see us go on a nice run and get in the conversation to win it this year. But it might not happen yet. But I'm definitely super positive about this group and thinking that they can do something that gets the whole country rocking about soccer. Because in 2026, United States one of the hosts for the World Cup beckerman's for profit of Maryland now coaching college soccer, Ed co owner of the Annapolis blues soccer team. It overtime Georgetown in 99, 89 would against compensate. You have Patrick Ewing's team did get the going late in order for us to be good. The ball has to move. It has to be multiple paths. Multiple efforts in the second half and then overtime I thought we did a great job of an ended 21 game losing streak for Georgetown, Georgia, Ohio State Michigan TCU, the top four college football, Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds. He's having fun with the Welsh soccer team Wrexham. He told Jimmy Fallon on NBC's tonight show that he's now interested in buying the Ottawa senators. See, that's how major transactions happen. You go on the tide show now. I thought it was Twitter. Dave Johnson. Tell

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