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So much to this basketball team he had left his body out there on the basketball court for the bullets you know it takes playing would west to realize what current west was the rock of the team's gotta do all the dirty work and and and allow the other players to shine people respected that people understood what was going to help the team win underneath there wasn't anything Wes could do he was a beast around the basket unbelievable hands great outlet pass to rific rebounder but the one thing that he had said intangible such a warrior he was just a great leader and a great captain I once was a consummate professional great leader a wonderful family person incredibly bright just a wonderful wonderful person to be around Washington DC is the nation's most powerful most important community and Wes Unseld was the most powerful and most influential figure in the sports world in Washington it was on sale last character in his character infused a franchise for more than a decade Wes Unseld seventy four years old love watching that guy growing up I loved watching him spectacular player and even more spectacular man dead at the age of seventy four.

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