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A. M. six seventy very cool right in case a joint is again because you guys been out cruising look at this stuff all right I'm I'm inside I'm not able to go out there and play and see what's going on I keep hearing this really really loud noise like maybe like a machine gun or something have you guys talked about that one yet just a little bit a little bit did you see it going off yeah yeah it's cool it's the if you ever get three a ever get one MG three three eight so it's and I'm not a I'm not a military guy but it kind of falls between the two forty which is a three oh eight right and the M. two which is a fifty cal so this is a three thirty eight normal three Norma right yeah and and that's is that was requested by the military so there I don't you know there's a lot of process in trying to get this stuff into the military your arms but I guess you SO com has purchased a handful yeah the preliminaries I guess so the gun itself is lighter in the course the analyst much lighter than have to go yeah and it but it performs ballistically almost like a fifty gallon actually was saying that for of course this is specific for military use there are certain things that you can do that a fifty cal won't like military armor piercing and things are right yeah so that was kind of fun actually have they can swap the barrel out in about ten seconds if that if and they've got one with with the suppressor already on there it's this big it looks like a coke can literally it's about that wind in like a like a two liter no no like a like a twelve ounce can of coke really not that size okay but it really what works it works it's impressive but its volume you know it's big fat things sure it restricts okay so yeah we saw that that's fine it sounds cool to to to to to to actually when you're shooting up against a mountain and then that you go back the article about how even in here I mean I don't know if it's going out over the radio but it's like you could feel that base that yeah yeah chicken whole building here well and and another thing that's about to happen here in about thirty minutes is a big demonstration they have with their shooting team yes so you've got Max Michelle champion pistol shooter that you get Daniel Horner champion three gunner right and Lena right leave the metal and lean as champion of all things yeah she's a super three gunner sorry honor yeah but the three of them are going to compete they're going to use the cross rifle bolt action gun which backs is like not the bolt action guys like this is totally rig that but they can use the blacks trying to do a med drop right you know they're doing they are and then they're gonna do pistols in their in a race so they're they're open it kind of evens out of every skill sets in we'll see what happens handicap and I'm giving it to Daniel yes he's kind of a conspiracy guy too yeah any gun and shoot it well kinda guy yeah yeah there are those guys they don't report into now you know who the sneaky one here is is later Elena because you talk about somebody who's grown up shoot yeah shoot I mean she's got good lineage I think like let's see her mom her dad here are both national champions her great that he was national champion uncle toll on national champion yeah they they kind of do a lot of shooting around that that house yeah on the phone shoot out leaves they live on a budget out literally live on shoot out later so yeah any other yes she may be the most competitive of the three yeah she is like plug into two and twenty volts all the time well Jerry so competitive yeah or yeah I mean L. I told a story about Jerry when we brought him into the litter training center and other of your purchase no we brought some of the action pistols guys into the Olympic training center the card is this fifteen years ago at least it had them try Olympic pistol shooting right it was a total clash of cultures these guys deliver gotcha so slow right should be still and these guys come in and they're taking all the guns apart what do you want to try to find the best parts in in New York at the ammo and they're shooting Mr so you're sure all right is what do you mean well we only have so much ammo here is what lessons will look at how much you guys shoot hello regulate the so we'll we'll shoot term two thousand rounds a year a year this is what we should that a week or a month yeah yeah it is like what but so they were in their shoes news competition under the radio show the jury comes any schedule bill Reiter items and he sits down he is tipped off and this is what's going on around here what wow yeah news she doesn't drop one card support this is just for the fun yeah having a real things just a demo just he looked at me like I had horns come out of my head is like you'll get it he says I want to beat them at everything I don't care what it is I want to beat all of them all the time yeah what follows plaintively wings I want to do you want to you want to receive a shopping cart I don't care at W. that's the thing with it with any top athlete competitor they've just got that in a more it's like I want to crush the competition he and you got to be that way to that level yeah and I see that and Lena certainly are just out a gun sight with her at a particular direction they're doing the the the nine new nine forty champro that three gun shot gun Mossberg Gaspard amazing got man really nice she's great but man she's she's not melts the out so hello there you might be able to get some odds on that one if you will yeah you can guarantee your sports book somebody to take this bat for you right now call it in you know it's interesting because I actually floated that idea somebody because one of the reasons pro sports is so big is because of gambling absolutely answer yeah is it has there ever been any kind of formal gambling on shooting competitions no not formally I mean I know the you know people at the club the shooting club will build out bed each other or whatever but you know it's really suited for it for you could handicap you know whatever that is action historian Trifolium sporting clays you start you could start having fantasy shooting wakes fantasy vanity sport I'm just throwing all these ideas out on the airwaves yeah years given away all I've given away so I'm gonna make it meant somebody others already got the website for his you know where he is greeted as we're talking here called also you gotta take quick break you were at sit range day but for actually shot show we're talking a.

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