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To see Susan alive got wind of the gossip. Her son was home from school and decided to call Josh to his utter shock. Josh answered panicked her son Hung Up. Giovanna grabbed his phone and called back. It rang rang and rang. When suddenly there was a click and meek answer it was Josh. Giovanna was square. Confirm with their questions. Where was he? Did he have the boys with him? Where was Susan? When was he coming home? He should know the police were looking for him. Joshes answers came slowly and he stammered through slightly confused. He had his sons and they were going to be back soon despite Yavuz please. He quickly hung up. It was a relief to know Charlie in Brayden were safe but Giovanna couldn't shake nagging feeling deep inside that all of the problems were just beginning two hours later. Josh called his sister Jennifer she answered but like Giovanna. She was concerned by his tone. He didn't give a concrete nation for where he'd gone and he hung up abruptly after getting off the phone. Jennifer raced over to the Powell House to wait for Josh there. She found detective Ellis Maxwell and filled him in the detective immediately called Josh from her phone and told him he needed to come home now at six forty pm. Josh drove up the street past the police cars and onlookers before he pulled into his driveway. Detective Maxwell was the first one to make it to the car from the driver's seat. Josh only stared at him blankly. It seemed that he didn't care that so many people were looking for him. Maxwell saw the two children in the back. But there was no sign of Josh's wife Susan however the detective noticed her phone on the passenger seat. He asked the Josh where his wife was. But Josh said that he had no idea he'd last seen her the night before but he'd been gone all day. He taken the boys out on a camping trip. That answer made little sense. Why would josh go out camping in the middle of the night with his two young sons? And why would he take his wife cellphone on top of that? It had been Sunday evening. Just a few hours before Josh was supposed to go to work and it was snowing. Maxwell told Josh that he needed to come to the police station for questioning. Josh agreed and trailed Maxwell's car he let the investigators know that he would help them in any way that he could but he was adamant that he hadn't seen Susan's since the night before at the police station. Josh was taken into a small room there. Maxwell asked Josh if he had any idea where Susan could be. Josh said he simply had no idea. Maxwell kept on questioning. Josh gave shifty answers. He claimed he'd gone to a place called Simpson Springs campground to try out some new camping equipment. He said he'd simply lost track of time thinking. It was Saturday instead of Sunday drew maxwell. Josh seemed extremely uninterested in helping locate Susan. He didn't show any sense of urgency regarding her disappearance. He just kept repeating that. He didn't know why she'd left. Everything about their marriage had seemed fine to him. It was frustrating. But there was only so much they could do. Maxwell let Josh go after their interrogation after all he hadn't been accused of anything at nine PM on December seventh. Two thousand nine. Josh Powell drove home again and parked his van. Neighbors later reported that they saw the light in the garage all night long and heard the sounds of cleaning by the next morning word. Got Out that. A suburban woman had gone missing under mysterious circumstances. The local news station followed the case closely two days later on December ninth. Detectives were back at the Powell residence. This time with a search warrant they were going to see if they could find any new information that could lead them to Susan in the living room by the Fan. They came across a few droplets of blood on the bottom half of the wall. They swabbed these incent them back to a lab for tests. The carpet gave up no clues. It had been thoroughly cleaned and didn't have any traces of blood. The van was completely cleaned out. Glaze were only able to find the camping supplies. That Josh had claimed he was testing the next day. The investigators drove out to Simpson's springs were. Josh claimed he'd gone with his two boys. But the harsh landscape offered no clues it had been snowing for the past three days and any tracks that could have been left were obscured. It was a vast desolate wilderness. And the police were unable to locate his supposed- campsite to an outsider. Looking in it appeared. Susan had been killed and Josh was prime suspect. His later behavior only made things worse. Josh quit his job. After Susan disappeared then pulled his two sons at daycare and on December fourteenth. He hired a lawyer claiming he was tired of being badgered authorities. Ten days later on December twenty four. Th Josh was publicly named a person of interest in Susan's disappearance it was the best that the West Valley Police Department could do. After all there was still no physical evidence. Even so suspicion was growing in the community and Josh wanted out of Salt Lake City from the sideways glances in the grocery store to the looks of judgment from his neighbors. He couldn't take it on January. Sixth Two thousand ten. Josh packed up his belongings and headed back to Washington. The police were powerless to stop him a month. After his wife went missing he too was gone and the moment he left. He stopped helping authorities altogether. The chances of finding Susan Alive diminish coming up theories on what happened to Susan. Was she a runaway in love or a victim of a tragedy. Now back to the story it had been. Nearly a year's in Susan Powell disappeared on December. Sixth two thousand nine. The authorities were fairly certain that she'd been murdered but they had no physical evidence to prove it. Their main person of interest Susan's husband. Josh Powell was hundreds of miles away. He and his two boys were living in Puyallup. Washington was the Josh's father Steve. He hadn't cooperated with the investigation since he left Utah. Meanwhile Josh and his son settled in with Steve. It had been six years since Josh's father hit on his wife causing the couple to move away but josh felt perfectly at home with Steve even better. The police attention wasn't so intense in Washington and out of the spotlight. Josh could look after his boys without judgment. Meanwhile he and Steve Tried to answer the accusations with their own version of events. They had a theory and they were going to let the media know about.

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