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You text the program at three seven ninety three seventy five me on twitter at gilroy on hoops at gilroy on hoops we can continue with our celtics conversation from the first hour as well as our patriots conversation from the first hour and mike giardi really adding some fuel to that fire just now on twitter it's more of an opinion than it is a than it is a statement than it is a report but mike giardi on twitter just now essentially saying the point is this is word for word point is i think gronk is getting traded period and then in parentheses i think grunk wants to get traded so jared been all over this patriots stuff for a long time now so i don't think that he's coming up with this entirely on his own and that adds a whole other layer to this conversation like what if grunts motivation isn't what we've all assumed it to be the assumption that we've all made is that gronk wants to get paid like an elite wide receiver not an elite tight end but gronk also wants to continue to play with tom brady as a matter of fact that was the report two weeks ago was that gronk would be back as long as brady is back and wants to play alongside brady but what you already saying here is that secondary to his desire to potentially be traded and again like we said in the first hour about bellichik it's be careful what you wish for situation here of taken calls from plenty of fans took some last night took some today that are getting sick and tired of rob gronkowski.

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