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And if Bill Matt thought that Frank rock couldn't win in this race because she can't have Lasix, I would think that he would have found a spot elsewhere for rank Franks rockette to run. I think Frank's rockette towers over this field. The last two times out, she's lost to bells the one and club car. I think those horses would be enormous favorites in this race. I tried to find something else I liked in here. I think Bronx beauty. Number 7 is coming out of a couple of pretty solid races. Number 5 center isle. I certainly respect winning back to back races. I don't think anyone in this field is remotely in Frank's rockettes class. And you might be on to something and you might know something, but to me, just looking at the PPs, Frank's rockette should beat this field. Well, I would say if you look at our PPs, I'll agree with that. If she runs her raise, she should beat this field and beat this field fairly easily. I'm just not sure her race comes in a race where she can't run on Lasix and she's run without the medication Lasix, three of her last 5 starts. And coincidentally, those are the further the way she's cotton from the winner's circle in any of the races. I know she's facing bells the one or Wisconsin and club car. But let's face it, she was three to 5 against constantin in the winning colors earlier in the year running without Lasix and was very dull down the lane. I think they centered a Prairie Meadows to run in the $100,000 sailor simply because Prairie Meadows was one of the places where you could still run on Lasix in stakes races. A lot of the big tracks have kind of gotten away from that. Prairie Meadows and a few others have not at least of yet. And that's what I think is happening with Frank's rockette. You may be right. Maybe she's just too good for this field. And that's very possible. I'm going to go with number 5 center aisle. I like what I've seen from her since she's moved from the Chad Brown bar to the pala lobo barn. I don't think she's lost to step at all. I think she can show speed. I think she can win from off the pace. And I just like the form that she's in right now. So I'm going to take the second choice. Number 5 center aisle to continue the ball rolling and get her third straight win Louis SAE is picking up the mount for the injured Joel Rosario on number 5 center aisle Franks rockette for Dave center aisle for me in the 8th race at Gulfstream tomorrow, the grade three sugar swirl. We're going to take another break. When we've gone back, we've got two more races on the Gulfstream part to look at. And also a big stake down at Oak Lawn park tomorrow. This is the weekend stakes preview. Present by nyra betts on the horse racing radio.

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