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I spent my formative years And then you went to Vegas which would used to be one of my My road trips. I'd go to Santa Anita and then we need everyone else from the boys look fly out from Philly them and in Vegas and and then Championship so so that trip. I was glad I tasked the the Santa Anita abortion on the front end that was Aj suggestion and that was a good one and it really did. It really did at work Worked out perfectly and actually a couple of extra an extra day and a half in VEGAS EGAS to to get ready and we did. A couple of shows Wednesday Thursday in advance. I think that Also helped and it was a good weekend because other than other other than the Tampa and we'll we'll we'll transition into a review of the weekend as well as a review of the results at at beat the host Ron Nicoletti banging hanging up forty eight dollars worth of return and we also have to talk about the the future wager. Get some impressions from you but it was just enough of the steak action and the Great Carta Tampa. Is that the contest. There wasn't a tremendous distraction. Essentially Johnny Like there might be this weekend and coming weekends when we're going to start to get multiple multiple winter steak Saturdays. We're we're in now. In.

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