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And there's his main seat piece it's molded into a curvy l shape and then there are very answer can have arms or no arms it can have different legs different styles of bases all that kind of stuff yeah isn't that modulator d was a big selling point buyers could pick a base for the home or pick one for the office you know something more minimalist or something more stylish but the chairs weren't just designed to look nice they were also meant to be affordable and functional so they were low cost easy to mass produce easy to move around easy to keep clean and actually the first prototype was built for an international competition for low cost furniture design which was hosted by the museum of modern art in new york city and so did it actually win this competition actually know the chair took second place but it's pretty good so yeah to be fair there were you know three thousand that are entries are so and the jury reportedly liked that modular approach but they may have taken off points because the prototype was made a stamped steel and that's a tricky and expense material to work with takes these high pressures at high temperatures so for mass production they actually switched to fiber reinforced plastic and because the chairs are made up of just a few pieces they were easy to assemble and it sounds a lot different from the seventy seven step process great the aluminum navy emiko chair it really has and that simplicity is by design but these different tiers do actually have something in common knockoff companies love to make copies of and according to one source i found one of these molded eames chair variants this one that has what's called the eiffel tower base which is a set of four legs with these crisscrossing metal connectors is actually one of the most copied chairs in the world today but if they were designed to be affordable what is the incentive to make copies of them even shares that are officially licensed by vitro actually self over five hundred dollars which is you know the same ballpark has these emiko navy chairs and obviously it seemed a little odd to me given this eames quote.

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