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States, fixes running-mate city council member Jimani Williams, also came out on the losing end a much closer race against Lieutenant governor Kathy Opel's, east flatbush, Steve WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty a group of eight breakaway democratic New York state senators who voted for us with the Republicans now down to two after six of them lost yesterday, including Bronx state, Senator Jeff Klein, the democratic wave that's been evident in federal elections washed over a handful of incumbents voters decided those senators aren't temocratic enough the six caucus with Republicans is part of the independent democratic conference. But was interesting just how serious in York voters were today, and they weren't gonna vote for example in the state Senate race for someone who they didn't think was really true. Blue for the Democratic Party Lee Mirren gov heads the marriage to college poll. What's interesting? Is that these insurgent candidates one in the Senate? But the establishment candidates one at the top of the ticket Cuomo had positioned himself that a vote for him was a vote to say we're going to take it to President Trump, and we're gonna fight for New York against the things that he's doing in Washington for the nation. The anti Trump message, certainly resonated. Peter, hence, skull w CDS NewsRadio. Eight eighty Staten Island state Senator Diane Savino and Rockland state Senator David Carlucci. There was a two independent Democrats who won yesterday the times of London posted a report last night that former mayor Michael Bloomberg is getting ready for a twenty twenty presidential run as a democrat. The British paper quotes a source as saying the seventy six year old told him he's running and has the money to keep pushing. While other candidates knocked themselves out, Bloomberg was New York City mayor for three terms between two thousand two and two thousand thirteen running twice as the Republican as an independent that third. Go round. We'll get to traffic and weather together in a minute. Check on a Connecticut turnpike construction, see how that's affecting flow is three zero seven if you have a home security.

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