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Nights. Hello twenty nine teen. Of the starter pack. We've been doing that we cast for about a year almo- almost a year. It's going to be are they in February the long Easter in history, we should create that wishlist not on Amazon, but on another platform of our choosing. So you can send us present. Just to go behind the curtain a little bit. It has been like a very long time since we've said done and done a podcast. I miss you guys of the miracle banking episodes. So thanks for all of your fund feedback, especially for our holiday specials and various night. Call museum episodes and whatnot. Those were really fun to do. So glad everybody liked them to. Hey, speak. Yeah. Of night museum and lock near that kind of inspired. It. We're going to talk about black mirrors new interactive episode and bird box Vander snatched bird box. Somebody made the joke on Twitter that that's the guy plays doctor strange and someone also made the joke that both of them sound like Victorian names for female genitalia. Bandra snap and bird box. There is something very like unplaced hilarious about the name bird box. And I kept like searching for a joke about it. Because it just sounds like a fake name. Let's talk about that because. Yeah. Okay. So what Emily was talking about was that there was a conspiracy possibly true that net flicks. With seating some fake memes about bird box astroturf ING astroturf. Ing bird box memes to get the bird box memes ago in and they share did get go. They did get going did. And now they're just real now, they're real. And so there was an article, you know, as this sort of became a debate. But there was an article on the daily dot that kind of followed up with it. And like, I guess talked to people at net who denied that they had been astroturf, Ian that said that all of the viral content was real and the the person who had originally kind of floated the idea that these were fake accounts that were at least seeding the bird box memes. Deleted. Their post. Because the people who are being accused of having fake accounts were coming back because they were getting flooded with mentions and said, you know, I'm real person. I'm just like, you know, I don't I'm just new to Twitter, but I liked bird box. Whatever leave me alone. Right. I I just created my account two weeks ago, specifically just to treat bird box content. But how dare you as one that aren't unit was very compelling because these were all the mostly teenage looking avatars with like fifteen followers who just created accounts and everything was bird box me that then received lots and lots of re tweets and likes a suspicious. Sure, I mean, maxed read my colleague, New York MAG. He had very recently published an article around Christmas on kind of the idea of of fakery on the internet in general, and how the fate of it. Well, the that everything is fake. But also that nobody accepts it anything is real anymore. So everything is defacto fake. Like, we're already at the mercy of the robots I put that in quotes. But like, you know, the idea that not even a person online like you have to verify that you're human every step of the way to do anything on the internet anymore. The idea of being a real person on YouTube, for example, it's more probable that that an editor is bought on YouTube than an actual person. So like we spend more time trying to prove that we're people than. Yeah. You've all said the other way around lost my innocence about people on the internet like being who they say they are. Yeah. I think right. Like most people are who they say they are and are like presenting themselves somewhat accurately, but some. People just are not some people use internet to be scammers. So so here's like the thing that I I'm still skeptical about the Netflix thing because the other thing that happened with bird box bird boxes, just like bird box the movie itself. I mean, I don't know. If you guys watched it at all, it is it is dumb as hell. A really dislike this movie, but it's also just like boring and just kind of it's technically not a quiet place rip off..

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