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Significant personality issue you would call your your apla director everything in detail it's gone and you go your record he calls the chancellor of the president or the system to the over there organisational announced designed that their universities and you collectively decide which are going to do as i right in my book i explained that whole procedure who in happen like lear credit say these kids live nothing to lose your geno and he just wanted to kd and and we came out of that and and i order them i would like to say that if my administration will this could have said no you can't do that i would like to say that i would have done it however did never got that far and that's pretty much in the book to a gun about and so i i did the right thing from our players uh at the time but it was truly had nothing to do it again they were they were uh about a sale we're speaking with dairy pinkel the former head coach at toledo and admits serie a 25 years as a head coach in division water remarkable record excess at missouri you took over program that had not had a lot of success let's face it in say the two decades before you got there you turned it into winning program you were charge miseries transition is it went into the sec arguably the most competitive conference in college football is that you life in college football and exceed been what's your key made in college 10 stayed as the game has evolved over the last 40 years would have been the trains that have stood at the most for you personally cellphone phone earlier gruber career creek confidential i repeat did an communication will significantly different now well world on everything on article one hundred mph internally weird who'll get retrained lisa cell phones and tweeting facebook great credit that curl well.

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